Sunday, 29 December 2013

We are all about that Post Christmas Lul ……………..

Hello lovelies,

I hope you all had a fantastically special Christmas and are firmly looking towards New Year now.

Christmas Chez Jools was a joy. Lots of family and friends were around, and lots of wine was consumed. It really is the most wonderful time of the year.

I must confess to not being too greedy a bunny this year (I know it is hard to believe!) and I only asked for some beauty gifts - I am always so conscious of the fact that the sales are around the corner and I would hate to have something expensive bought for me that was reduced just days later - so Jools found these very welcome additions in her stocking!

I was super excited to get the new Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette. The first colour I used was Buzz - loving it so far and the brush that comes with it is really good.

and this Chanel Powder is beautiful - The packaging and brush makes it feel so special to use

Chanel les beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Powder

When Kate Middleton attended the Mandela Premiere I could not stop looking at her amazing necklace.
Of course I assumed from the way it caught the light that it was a piece lent to her for the evening from Queenie's vault!

But no, keeping it real, Kates Necklace was actually a pasted crystal piece from Zara!!!

It is now completely sold out due to the Kate effect, but if like me you were lucky enough to find one, it  actually only cost £25!!!!

So we have even more reasons to love Kate now!

They are selling for a lot more on ebay, but it is a beautiful statement piece and sits perfectly around the neck. I shall wear it on New Years Eve :)

and the last piece that I wanted from the Isabel Marant Collection found its way home to me for Christmas!

Isabel Marant pour H&M Black & White Cardigan

It is gorgeous! So thick and heavy and loopy heheheee. I will wear it with everything and will take a picture as soon as I leave the house in it!

I also wore the silk trousers from Isabel Marant - Sigh, I am so in love with the entire collection.
These were just so easy to wear - like being able to go out in your PJ's!

and my favourite piece from the collection is actually the leather pants.
They fit like a dream - I just need to be brave enough to wear them now.
I think the key is to keep them casual and dressed down ……...

and lastly, my incredible new Louboutin's.
Strass fronted - I actually want to sleep with them!

So that pretty much concludes Christmas.

We have to talk about the sales and how poor they were!
Did anybody manage to grab anything nice?

I have only one item from the sales on its way which I will hopefully reveal tomorrow.
Sadly for me, everything I adore has stayed at full price or is new season - quite typical really!

Thanks for reading xx

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