Saturday, 4 January 2014

The one where the girl has a brilliant idea.

Hi Lovelies,

Happy New Year to each and every one of you. The rain has ensured that we have had plenty of time to spend at home, so all of the Christmas Decorations have been taken down  and put away for another year and the tree has been sent to the big tree heaven in the sky. The rooms seem bare and strangely un twinkly now.

And even sadder, the evening dresses are in a pile waiting to go to the dry cleaners - clutch bags have been put back in the wardrobe, and the sparkly shoes and jewellery have been put to bed - sob :(

I try not to make New Year resolutions as a rule. I find that I then want to break them as fast as possible - but this year I have decided to stop making random (sometimes daily) purchases of "little treats".

You know how it starts - the, 'oh thats pretty, its only one little thing' - from Topshop or Zara - or the 'ooooh its free delivery from ASOS so this little item is so reasonably priced it hardly counts' ?

Well at some point you can order so many "little treats" that they don't even feel special anymore.

So I plan to be much less acquainted with the DPD delivery guy this year and wear lots of items in my closets that do not get much (or, any) wear as they are saved for "Special".
It is the worse thing we can possibly do with our clothes - as what, really, do we think we are saving them for!! I plan to genuinely wear things even for non special event days.

AND - for every single day that I do not buy anything - I am putting £5 in my savings can!

It is genius really! £5 a day, equals £35 for every week I do not buy a "little treat" - and I probably (ok, definitely) spend that each time I place an order, so I will be saving much more than that in reality.

So that is the plan anyway. I will keep you posted as to how I get on - but my wardrobes are bulging with things I still have not got around to wearing yet, so I really do not need anything right now.

Blogging about fashion can be far too tempting at times, as I find myself thinking - ooh I will order that so that I can give a great or honest review of it on my blog - and then end up keeping it! I promise of course to still keep you up to speed on new-in pieces - I just (hopefully) will not feel the need to try every single piece personally.

Remember, the little things all add up and we could be putting that money towards something special instead.

Have any of you lovely readers made any similar resolutions for 2014?

New years Eve was spent seeing it in with some lovely friends, with Champagne and Cocktails.

 I wore my Isabel Marant Silk Dress with Fur Capelette from Topshop and a Vintage YSL Clutch
and Louboutins

My daughter Elli also borrowed the Cape and dressed it down with a jumper and jeans for daytime - so it is going to get a lot more wear than I thought it would.

This week was also spent catching up with great friends - I love it when they have the Holidays free and we can catch up - Lovely to see you Ness and Clairey xxxx

It is also back to normal next week Chez Jools - with the Girls back at School & College.

Thanks for reading - keep in touch!

Jools xxx


Style At Every Age said...

You look really lovely honey! I've often thought I will stop buying high street stuff and save for something more luxurious but it never happens! x

Michelle said...

I agree with Sharron Jools, you look gorgeous. What a great idea. I must give it a try too..

Jools Cockayne said...

Thankyou my lovely girls :) Im gonna really try and make it happen S! PJ give it a go !!!! can save for a plane ride back over ;) !!!