Monday, 3 March 2014

A dream trip to Maui

Hi Lovelies,

So, after leaving the crazy town of LA, we set off for a night flight over to Maui on Saturday. We arrived late at night and the air was still so warm - we transferred to our hotel and were greeted with Maui Garlands.

Even in the dark, we could see that the hotel was very special, but we awoke super early and waited for the sun to rise so that we could admire the view. This was our terrace.

So we went to explore
Just as the sun was rising

and what we found was Paradise …….

By 9am the weather was unbelievable - not a cloud in the sky
It looks photoshopped, but I promise it isn't!

So of course the only thing to do on your first morning is catch some rays!

Every way that you walked from the hotel just had the most incredible views

We walked along the beach ……….

Cocktail time ……..

we were greeted by these adorable cuties before dinner

Each evening on returning to our room, there were gifts waiting. It was like Santa was vacationing in Hawaii! The first night we arrived was to wine and beautiful canapés

and the next morning was like waking up in Groundhog day!

After a beautiful breakfast we walked into town to explore
(there were far too many designer shops for PC's liking!!)

and then came back to have lunch and swim here

with more sunbathing in the afternoon (it was a pretty tough day!)

In the evening we dined at Spago's - a really special restaurant with amazing views

after an incredible meal we shared a Chocolate SoufflĂ©

and when we got back to our room, Santa had been again, this time we had a gift bag with vouchers
to go and choose a pair of Oakley Sunglasses.

The next morning we had to work off that dessert so we did Yoga overlooking the Ocean

and then we went Whale Watching on the other side of the Island

It is mating season so the Whales are far out in the warmest part of the ocean so that they can give birth.

We saw so many beautiful whales jumping out of the water, but they were still such a distance away

It was still a great experience though

and another fabulous dinner was planned

and when we got back to our room tonight, Tiffany Santa had been!
We had vouchers to choose gifts from Tiffany the next day.

another pretty tough start to the day huh!

The rest of the day was booked up with massages and a meet and greet day.
We had a couples massage and all we were good for afterwards was lying by the pool
with drinkies and then some room service!

When we returned to our room that night we received a new Nespresso Coffee machine
that luckily is being delivered to home, and these fab tickets to see Maroon 5 the next evening!!

Adam Levine

It was a completely brilliant night.

We came back to mini iPads and loads of gadgets in our room too!

Our last day was spent in the local town and staying close to the serenity pool - we didn't want to leave!
We kind of overdone it on the sun as we knew it was our last day and that we were going back to cold weather.

We had one last drink in the evening before heading to 40 hours of travel home!

So, I can honestly say we had the most special week of our entire lives. Every minute was completely perfect and Maui is the most beautiful and friendly place on earth.
I would go back in a heartbeat if I could.

After travelling through the night from Maui, we had to wait 14 hours at LA airport for our final flight, so coming home was hard - but it was made more fun by lots of celebrities arriving in LA for Oscars weekend so we were watching the Paparazzi go crazy.

We got club seats back from LA to home too which made such a difference. Thanks again to my great friend who I owe a really big lunch to this week x

Hope you loved all the pictures and hearing about our pretty incredible week.

Thanks for reading xxx

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ASH said...

It looks unbelievably perfect! So glad you had such a wonderful time. Xx