Sunday, 2 March 2014

L.A ……… Baby !!!!

Hi Lovelies,

Oh to be in Los Angeles when they are gearing up for the Oscars huh ………..

OH, I WAS!!!!!!

As if the town is not crazy enough to begin with, there was an incredible buzz in the air and PC and I had THE best trip.

How about I tell you all about the LA trip today, and get onto Maui tomorrow?

I think that this is only right, as tonight is the most important night of the year in the Hollywood Calendar.

It is of course Oscar Night (I will be blogging all of the celebrities dresses for you tomorrow) Although heavy rain is forecast for this evening so let's hope it doesn't ruin the gowns!

We left Heathrow last Friday morning.

Window shopping was a very welcome distraction from the long flight ahead

and we were lucky enough to get Club Seats which made an 11 & a half hour flight so much fun

Champagne all the way ……...

and the food wasn't too shabby either - we even had an afternoon tea at 30,000 feet!

We arrived in LA on Friday afternoon and we didn't really stop then for the next 36 hours!
The weather was incredible.

The Taxi driver took us to Hollywood, our first real sighting was of the Viper Rooms on Sunset Strip.

It is still partly owned by Johnny Depp - and infamously where River Phoenix died

Then past The Standard Hotel which is part owned by Leonardo Dicaprio and is where all the stars stay when they are in town

and we were so excited to see The Dolby Theatre which is where the Oscars will be held this evening.

They had just begun setting out the seats for the die-hard fans that were allowed to start queuing last Sunday.

and then we were ALOT more excited when we realised our hotel actually was attached to the Dolby Theatre and so we overlooked the whole thing!

We checked into to our room - and this was our view!!!!

After lots of excited screaming we went straight to the roof top pool so we could see everything happening!

and then we went downstairs and we were directly on Hollywood Boulevard so we could do the walk of fame.

We started at Mann's Chinese Theatre

and found Robert Downey Junior's hand prints

and walked the stairs that the stars will walk tonight to enter the Oscars

The sun sets early and the town then lights up like a Christmas Set

where, of course we bumped into Michael Jackson ……..

Looking down from the Rooftop Pool in the evening.
 The rooms for Oscar Weekend are impossible to book - as you can see you would get the most incredible view of every star arriving, while drinking cocktails and having a dip!

I had wanted so badly to find Marilyn's Star, and so we started early on Sunday,
grabbed a Starbucks and went searching.


and then we booked tickets for the first Star Tour of the day

I might have told PC it was the best 2 hours of my life - and I am not even the least bit ashamed !!!

We saw over 40 incredible homes of the Stars ……...

Simon Cowell's Pad !

Eva Longaria's

Sylvester Stallones home is the longest in LA - it just went on, and on and on …….

Look above the roof to the large blue glass building - It's the home of Tom Cruise!

We then drove into The Valley and along Mulholland Drive

and up to the hills to get a closer look at The Hollywood Sign …..

We went to Rodeo Drive (our driver pointed out Kate Beckinsale in the car right next to us!)

and while we were creating Pretty Woman …..

Work it …….. Work it Baby !!!!!

and we just HAD to find an American Diner to have a Cheeseburger

Johnny Rockets

We then regretfully had to go back to the hotel bar and drink a fair few of these!

Before we checked out and rushed back to LAX to continue our incredible adventure
to Maui ………

To be continued !!!!!


Michelle said...

Yay so pleased you had a wonderful time... I see more flying in your future now!

Applebypie said...

So great to hear about your travels - looking forward to the next instalment! X

Nicole said...

Wow Jools amazing blog, love it! Oh love pc's shirt too x

Style At Every Age said...

Wow, just wow chicken! Looks amazeballs! Oh and where is your top from in first pics? x

Jools Cockayne said...

Thanks honeys! S, the broiderie anglais top is by Jaeger Boutique
original reveal was here :)

Niamh said...

Wow looks amazing Jools!! So funny because the first star I looked for was Ms Monroe too ;) looks like you're having a fab and very stylish time! Enjoy! X