Wednesday, 19 February 2014

The Calm before the storm ………..

Hello Lovelies,

Well this week has been a complete and utter disaster on the stress scale. I may have a heart attack before I get to Hawaii, and as for the poor person that is massaging me next week - she is gonna need more than her bare hands to sort the knots in my back out!

36 hours from now we will be on a flight to LA - and we haven't even got the suitcases down from the loft yet!!!!

I am not usually this disorganised I promise, if I close my eyes, I have an idea of what I will be taking - but actually physically packing makes everything seem so real that I can hardly breathe ………. I am going to miss my girls so. so much. 
Today I have tasked them both with taking a photo that they both approve of to put in my locket so that they will be with us.

I wanted to say a huge thank you to my lovely friend Dave - he knows exactly why - and hope that he forgives me my mini meltdown this morning - I owe you lunch as soon as I get back :)

The only thing I have done so far is decide what sunglasses are coming - and in true Jools spirit I could only whittle it down to 3! Well you need a different pair for every eventuality - right?

Tomorrow I just need to confirm our hotel in LA for Friday night and book the Starline tour so that we can be complete and utter tourists and see all of the Stars Homes, and of course do the Hollywood walk of fame - I will be on a mission to find Marilyn Monroe's Star Oh and then change some money, get my nail done, transfer everything into my Mulberry bag and then pack ! Nothing like leaving everything until the last minute!

I have plenty of playsuits, denim shorts and vests, bikini's and sundresses - what more can a girl need when it is 30 degrees in Maui - right!

So this incredibly nervous girl is gonna keep posting piccies on Twitter and Instagram and will blog if I can. If you don't already follow me on Instagram - you can always follow me HERE!!!!

Wish me luck please lovelies !!!!


Michelle said...

Excited for you Jools...Make sure you take lots of pics!

ASH said...

Have a great time, look forward to the piccies! Xx

Applebypie said...

Have a fabulous time! Warm sunshine - ahhhhh. XX