Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Biting the Bullet ………..

Hi Lovelies,

Oh em Gee how nice is the weather! The excitement of getting up and actually throwing on a dress is never gonna get old.

I picked up some new Bullet Lipsticks from Topshop to try - and the colours are fabulous. If you are anything like me the search for the perfect shade of red lipstick seems never ending.

Red Lips looks so cool in the summer with minimal makeup and a sundress - and takes literally seconds to make an impact.

Mac's Ruby Woo is a brilliant lipstick, but when you are as fair skinned as me be warned, you do run the risk of fast moving into hooker territory - so you have to be very careful and try on a fair few shades until you get it right.

So, up until now, Nars Dragon Girl has been my go-to red lipstick - it stays on really well and takes quite a lot to remove it!

But the search (for now) is over. Thanks to the 'Joyride' Lip Bullet from Topshop.
They are gorgeous and are only £8!

I would say that thhey are well worth trying, they are so slick, super easy to reapply and
come in really nice shades.

I loved Emma Stones look at the Spiderman Premiere.
She teamed a bright red lip with a bright yellow Versace dress - and it worked perfectly

How adorable are this couple!

I'm also a complete sucker for a stripe tee shirt dress for the whole summer too - the Topshop striped one has already had a few outings from me (and has been "borrowed" by Mia)

So this one would be a very welcome addition.
Zara has some really nice new pieces in just now.

Cotton Stripe Dress - Zara £19.99

and I know it is not sunny everywhere just yet!
So this little pastel pink jacket is the perfect cover up for right now

Frayed Edge Pink Jacket - Zara £79.99

I think I "need" this dress - it has a real Chanel vibe to it …….

Striped Dress - Zara £35.99

and lastly this top is heavily embellished in real life
and is actually so long you could get away with it as a dress if you wore flats

Embroidered Tunic - Zara £59.99

Would love to know your red lipstick favourites please.

Thanks for reading x

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Style At Every Age said...

Love that last Tunic Jools, so me! As for red lips, I've never been able to do them, ever, never found a red that suits, so jealous of Claudia's Mac Lady Danger - little bitch! ha ha xxxx