Wednesday, 21 May 2014

A little delivery from ASOS ……...

Hi lovelies,

ASOS is so hit and miss so when you order more than a couple of things from them, you always expect to be taking a trip to the post office with some returns!

But two little pieces came today and they are both staying with Jools! Surely some kind of ASOS miracle ………..

I wanted this dress as it reminds me so much of the Isabel Marant summer pieces - only for a lot less money - so I won't worry about spilling anything down this one!

Some of the Marant ones - prices start from £500 …..

and this is the one from Mango (at ASOS)

Cotton Broiderie Anglais Dress - Mango at ASOS £34

and this little Lips Maxi Skirt just came into stock yesterday

Lip Print Maxi Skirt with Pockets - ASOS £30

It would look cool with one of these crop top styles as it is pretty high waisted

V Neck Cutaway Crop Tops - Topshop £36

We just need the weather to keep playing nicely now ….

Thanks for reading xx


Kat said...

They look FAB on you. ASOS can be so so so great - but yes, every now and again - wtaf?! Looking good darling x

Jools Cockayne said...

Thankyou my darling - exactly, sometimes ASOS comes up trumps for us !!!

Michelle said...

Looking lovely Jools!

Maggie Perry said...

Love the white Mango dress. Bring on the summer sunshine