Monday, 19 May 2014

Help me choose some shoes …………….

Hey Lovelies,

Aww summer has sooo arrived. It feels amazing. And the sunshine means getting out your summer wardrobe to wear ……. right?

Well, wrong if you are me - at the end of last summer I was super efficient and put away all of my summer clothes in one of those vac-packed clear plastic covers …………

Clever huh - Well, if only I could now find it ……… oh dear, this is what happens when I try to be organised. And of course now the only dresses I want to wear are the ones that I can't find - in fact I think I have imagined dresses that I probably didn't even buy last summer which I really want to wear now, which is making not finding them worse.

This weekend, as an Arsenal fan was so exciting - we finally won something! So the last few days has very much been about being outside, sitting by the river, and some celebratory drinks.

erm, I need to mix up my meals a little bit judging by these pictures
(she types, as she is sitting here eating a Monday night Chicken Salad!)

Quack Quack coffee by the river

with a glittery red manicure

I did find my Topshop Poppy Silk Tea Dress though
Wearing this dress makes me happy, so I wore it today :)

Holly loves it too, she wore it loads last summer (before her baby bump!)

Ok I need some help - help me choose which pair of these shoes would be better
for my birthday party

Christian Louboutin Lace Pigalle's

Christian Louboutin Gwynitta
(i'm not telling you the price of either …….!)

which ones do you prefer please?

and lastly for today - how cute does Myleene Klass look in this dress in Cannes

and best of all it's from her own range - so its totally affordable if you like this kind of style
it's a really fab summer dress

Myleene Klass Bardot Dress - £59 - Myleene for Very

Thanks for reading xx


Sydney Marie said...

This post is just heaven for me! The food, the dresses, the shoes.....ohhhh the shoes. The lace ones are GORGEOUS but the silver are such a great, classic style that you can wear forever. So it depends, are you investing in these shoes or are these in your normal price range? If investment, go with the silver. If this is your usual price point for quality heels, then go with the black lace. Keep us posted what you decide and hope you have a fantastic birthday! :)

Jools Cockayne said...

Thanks so much Sydney - they are for a specific party so I know which dress they would go with - the problem is they would both work lol!!! Thanks for the lovely comments :)