Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Paris Couture ……...

Ahhhhhhh, Parisian Couture ………
Yes, we know we are never going to be able to afford a single piece, but that doesn't mean we cannot appreciate the wonder and beauty of it.

And the two highlights of Paris Couture week for me were of course Dior and Chanel.

Both designers took huge inspiration from the 18th Century, Pannier skirts on the dresses at Dior and heavily detailed Frock Coats at Chanel - but both bought these beautiful pieces completely up to date with pockets, tiny gloves, quiffed hair and ribbon bow flip flops - incredible attention to detail that made each piece look less costume - and more ultra modern and wearable (well, that is if you are ever THAT lucky to wear a piece of course!)

So I have edited it down to some of the pieces that made me go WOW

Dior showed at The Rodin Museum in Paris yesterday.
Against walls of orchids Raf Simons bought French Court inspired outfits into the 21st Century

and today, in the Grand Palais it was the turn of Chanel.
With a simple stark white background and setting, Lagerfeld let the clothes make the statement this time

and especially for Elli - Jared was at Chanel!!

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