Sunday, 10 August 2014

Shoe Shame …….

Hi Lovelies,

You know exactly what its like. You have seen a pair of shoes at the start of the season that you just "know" are gonna work with lots of things you already have in your wardrobe.

You google them, you check them out on Instagram and Pinterest- far more times than is healthy, just to see how others are styling them out, and you generally obsess about them. It gets to the point where life will be much improved if you just get those shoes lol !!!

And then, the day comes and you have them in your little hands

And ……………… you hate them!

Well, that was what happened to me this week when I finally bought the Isabel Marant Milla Boots!

Sigh, I cannot tell you how hideous they looked on me. I think it may be because of having quite small feet - they were just too bloody busy and fussy - all bow and ties and extra studs at the back - they looked pretty ridiculous!

So, the love affair with them is finally over - which means I can legitimately move onto another obsession - right?

Its quite rare for me to make such a massive shoe mistake - so I have to just giggle about it and think about the money I have saved - and of course on what I will spend it on next ………

What was the last purchase that you immediately regretted?

Thanks for reading xx

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