Monday, 6 April 2015

A huge Hermes Birkin day for me today ………….

Hi Lovelies,

Happy Easter Monday to everybody.

Today goes down for me as one of my most exciting days EVER (Disclaimer ™ excluding our wedding day and daughters births obviously!) I promise I do not say this lightly, today is the culmination of years of dreaming.

Today is the day that Jools became the owner of a Hermes Birkin bag …….. YES - I finally have one!!
Sorry I didn't tell you about it when I saw you yesterday Mumma !!!!!!

I am talking years of lusting, drooling, dreaming and if I am being completely honest, complete and utter envy every time I see somebody carrying one (I guess it is akin to boys looking at motoring magazines and wandering around car showrooms, dreaming of the day they will own their super car) - except this is MUCH more exciting!

I love reading about and researching the Birkin. I like to bore everybody with little snippets or details about them. If you want to know the basics there is a great link HERE!!!!!

I have toyed with Hermes already - The Kelly bag was short lived as it was just that little bit too formal for me - and my Hermes Evelyn is pretty much my most used bag as you really can carry it every day - but the Birkin - well that's the ultimate bag isn't it - there is nowhere to go from here.
Finally getting your hands on your absolute holy grail is so exciting, but also a little bit daunting - as it really is a dream that has come true so what do you dream about next!

And so it happened - I found THE one for me. It was the size I wanted (35cm) in the Hardware I wanted (Palladium) and in new condition ………..

If you are into high fashion you will know all about Hermes and its practices - they are not folklore sadly.
You can forget about getting a Birkin bag from a Hermes store - it is just not going to happen unless you are (a) a very wealthy and very regular client - or (b) if you are willing to play the Hermes game ……….. this "game" consists of making lots of smaller Hermes purchases - scarves, jewellery  accessories etc. that you may not really want or need, just to become friendly and a recognisable face to an SA who might or might not then offer you a Birkin or a Kelly 8 to 10 months down the line - and even after all that - it probably won't be in a colour or leather that you originally wanted. I don't condone it at all - but it is what it is.

So, unless you are blessed with endless patience and the time to be able to pop into your local H store a couple of times every week - it's the reseller route that you will be thinking about - and that can be scary.

So why would you want a bag that you have to jump through hoops for is the question I ask myself on a pretty regular basis? Daily probably ……..
Well, because it's handmade by one craftsman from start to finish from a single piece of leather - every stitch on the bag is stitched by hand and it takes over 18 hours to make a single piece- but mainly because, well, it's a freaking Birkin! You are never going to lose money on it - right now it feels a lot more secure to me than a pension and an awful lot more fun. 
A Birkin bag in good condition (even one that is 10 years old or over) is going to cost you as much as a brand new bag in the Hermes store (you remember, the store that you can't buy one in anyway) it's pretty crazy.

I have made some great contacts over the years from being obsessed with bags - and you can only consider buying a Birkin from somebody with impeccable credentials - you can't take a chance with a purchase like this. I was lucky enough to buy my bag from somebody I have dealt with before - I knew it would be in amazing condition - and it came with everything.

I'm not going to lie, I had a massive wobble this morning - thinking how can I even consider buying this bag. I think anybody that doesn't think that has a problem! But I also knew that I would really regret it if I didn't pounce on it. - I have known for ages what colour I really wanted - a colour that would work for me all year around - I just didn't think that I would find it, so when you finally do, and it is the right time - you almost try and talk yourself out of it, thinking that it is too good to be true.

Some Birkin Fans …………..

So when I finally picked the bag up today and took the lid off of that famous orange box - I wondered how it could ever measure up - I had pitched this moment so high - how was it ever going to live up to the hype? I was also worried that maybe I wouldn't love it as much as I thought I would, or that the colour wasn't the same, or the size wasn't right!
Well,  there are no words to describe how perfect it is - I have never held one before so I didn't really know what to expect - I know they can get very heavy - but this bag is just - well - everything!!
I'm so buzzed about it!

Sooooo, which one did I get?
Well, I am going to keep you waiting one more day until I can get some cool pictures in the sunshine - but I would love to know which colour you think I have gone for (it is one of the colours above) - or let me know which colour would be your dream bag.

I can promise that I won't be punching studs in it or grafitti-ing it like Gaga or having gross drawings of naked ladies on the front like Kim Kardashian …….

There are NO words for this ……...

Thanks for reading xx

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