Friday, 24 February 2012

Friday - We have Wine !!!!!!!

Hi Lovelies,

How has Friday been for you. I had a nice day. Saw my lovely friend this morning and spoke to another cool friend on the phone and then met an old friend that I haven't seen for a while this afternoon - so it is very safe to say I had lots of girly contact today. (Even if I did have to cancel my nail appointment!!)

I have a family party tomorrow.

I love a family get together, they only really happen at Weddings or Christenings so it is always nice to catch up with everybody, Facebook just isn't the same!

It is a 50th Golden Wedding Anniversary lunch tomorrow in Sonning. A very nice affair but an afternoon reception kind of makes it harder to know what to wear.

You don't want to dress up ready for an evening bash, its a little too OTT but you still want to make an effort - right!, but its not a wedding either - hmmmm must put some more thought into this!

So I have painted my nails and will shortly mooch through the closet to see what jumps out at me!

I used a Rimmel polish today. The 60 second ones really do dry in err a minute ;)

Rimmel Rapid Ruby

I will let you know what dress I decide to wear tomorrow! Or why don't you vote on one of these three below, make it easy for me :D x

I was thinking maybe either this Asos Swallow One that I have

or this Vivienne Westwood one?

or I have a Fearne Cotton one that I haven't worn yet?

I can't really think about it, which is very unlike me, it is a strange week indeed. Maybe I will just focus on shoes ........

I am having a glass of wine (or maybe two) this evening!

Thanks for reading! x

Until tomorrow

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Anonymous said...

Westwood! X

Looking Fab in your forties said...

I like the Swallow one for a daytime affair. x

Jools said...

Thanks honey! I wore the Swallow one :)