Thursday, 23 February 2012

Thursday - Sunglasses come out and The Oscar Countdown begins ..........

Hi Gorgeous ones,

Hope you are all ok.

The Oscars are only 3 nights away now. I am already super excited. I love everything about it, but of course my favourite part is the Red Carpet.

Talking of strange things to get excited about - The sunglasses came out for the first time this year. What a beautiful day it has been, and it started me thinking what Sunnies I need for this season! You know when you just HAVE to buy a coat every winter - regardless of how many you have already? Well thats how it is with me and my sunglasses addiction.

I can spend hours in Sunglass Hut trying pairs on, it's almost as much fun as Stationary shops.......

I would love to tell you that this is ALL of them ........... but they are kind of all over the house and all over the car too.

These are some of the pairs on my current radar

Victoria Beckham Aviators £275 (love the lens colour)

 Prada Acetate £215

Miu Miu Oversized Round Frame £190

Now that Fashion Week has totally finished, I wanted to choose a stand out piece. The burberry Studded Gloves and Clutch were totally amazing and came a close second!

But for me, the stand out show was from Oscar de la Renta (New York Fashion Week) Just look at this dress !

Today, Jools Wore, Blue jersey top - Zara, Jeans - Topshop, Suede Shoes - Seven Jeans, Fox Ring - Topshop, Aviators - Rayban

I met my Mum for lunch (you always need your Mum when things aren't going too great!) and she cheered me up, and so did my lunch .......

Happy Face Soup

VOD Today (because the sun WAS shining) is this one.

 Silk Chiffon Dress Kain £320 - available at Net-a-Porter

 Sandals Gucci £630

Alexander McQueen De Manta Clutch £415

Thanks for reading.

Unti tomorrow x

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Laura C said...

I love those gloves!! And your heels are pretty nice too :) xx

Jools said...

Thanks L, those gloves are amazing aren't they. They will be everywhere this winter me thinks !!! :) x

Urban Butterfly said...

You are a sunglasses fiend! Love the studded gloves. I too love a bit of Oscar, everything is so super feminine. I really loved VB's collection too, right up my street.

Jools said...

could so see you rocking the VB missy, perfect calf length that you love too ;)

Im going to dream of new sunglasses, altho remember the ones I HAD to have last year from Chanel - I think I wore them twice ;) xxx

Anonymous said...

I remember you revealing those seven shoes last year!

I am stealing that Oscar dress for my vod it is gorgeous!!! I am in love!

I am a stationery fiend love it and sunglasses in fact I think I have an addiction to shopping ; p

Nicole x

Anonymous said...

I just remembered that I have wanted a dress like that since that sex and the city episode where carrie goes out with the Russian in that gorgeous full skirted pink dress with black band! I want a dress like this xxx

Anonymous said...

Nicole x

Jools said...

I know, I adore those shoes but you can only really wear them on super dry days lol as they are all suede and lots of different colours, so I don't think they would survive a downpour.

You N, and addiction to Shopping???? Never ;)

Have you got a Scribbler card shop near you? I can stand and laugh at the cards in there for ages too !!! :) x

Looking Fab in your forties said...

Agree with above loved Carrie's pink dress with black band, it was Oscar wasn't it. Give me a new notebook anyday, the Smythson "Fashionista" notebook always comes out at Fashion Week, I have pink and orange!

Urban Butterfly said...

I know the dress you mean, I wanted one too just to sit in all the layers. :)