Saturday, 25 February 2012

Saturday - Sees A 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration

Hi Lovelies,

Fifty Years!! Yes I think we have done every single joke possible today about getting less for Murder etc, but when you think about it, it's a pretty bloody amazing achievement to have made it to your 50th Wedding Anniversary.

The party was to celebrate my Aunty & Uncle's Golden Anniversary, and was held at The Great House in Sonning, Berkshire (below). Sonning is such a pretty place, and the sun shone all day which is incredible for February!

It is always so nice to catch up with family. You kind of drift in different directions when you all grow up and have families of your own, and move around - so there is always PLENTY of gossip and alcohol drunk when we all get back together - and it is always something I look forward to (and I promise I am not just saying that because some of them told me today that they read my blog!)

Many thanks for all the helpful comments about what dress to wear, the general consensus on FB decided it should be the Swallow one!

So today, Jools Wore !!!!!!

A plait in my hair! 

Kate Moss for Rimmel Lipstick in Shade no 5

Asos Swallow Print Tea Dress

Miu Miu Platform Silver Snakeskin Shoes

Some Eyelure Lashes

Michael Kors Perfume

Chanel Orange 2.55 Flap

Chanel J12!

As much as I loved my shoes, they couldn't compete with Baby Ruby's today - I will find a way to get into these shoes!!!

All she needed was the yellow brick road - I had big time shoe envy!

A little family shot! (Sorry Debs she hates all pictures!) From left My Sis, Mum, Me, Mimi & my Brother.

For the eagle eyed, standing next to me is my 12 year old. If you look closely you will see that I am wearing 5.5 inch heels yet she is still taller - how did this happen! In my defence - she is 13 next month ;)

Yummy Dessert!

Elli-Rose got a little bit creative with the stars from the table ......

I am a tired bunny now, as it was an early start, but we had a much needed fun day x

Tomorrow is the Oscars, I will post ALL the piccies from the Red Carpet x

Thanks for reading - oh and Steven, just hit unsubscribe ;)!!!! I promise I will only let you know if I wear a football shirt!

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deborah said...

Isn't that the Religion dress you bought for Mimi? she looks great! Though if she's taller than you I don't think you're going to be borrowing it without taking it up :)

I would have voted for the swallow dress too. Love the MM shoes as well. But get the Vivienne out soon!

Jools said...

Thanks honey, some Westwoods were out today lol!! Elli Rose borrowed a pair ;) xx

adoreabubbles said...

I bet is was a great day, I love family occasions.

Urban Butterfly said...

Glad the sun shone today, think you all needed a bit of sunshine. Dress looks fab, i still haven't worn my! Did you do that cute little braid in the front of your hair yourself? I have wanted one of those but i can't do them especially when I would need to weave in my fringe too.

Looking Fab in your forties said...

Don't worry hun my eldest daughter is 5ft 10, middle one 5ft 6! Its only Claudia who is the same height as me and little man is catching up with us fast! Glad I voted for the Swallow Dress it looks fab x

Jools said...

Thanks honey, Phew glad its not just me that has towering children !!! :)