Saturday, 4 February 2012

Saturday - A visit to Devon, the planet that Starbucks forgot ........

Hi Lovelies,

Greetings from freezing cold Devon. Please, please do not snow here tonight, I really need to get home tomorrow, back to the real world, back to internet connection, coffee shops and air pollution!

When I heard the words Spa and Devon, this is not quite what I envisioned ;) heheeeheee

Today we visited Torquay, via Coffinswell (was ever a town more aptly named?  I would want to be buried if I lived there too).
I don't mean in really, well, actually I do - but some of my family live in Devon ..........

I cannot even begin to tell you how bitterly cold it is here, I have never cuddled the pug so much before, and she has never shivered before (she has a lot of puppy fat to keep her warm usually).

This is me today ! Yes, the Spirit Hood is firmly attached to my head!

Tonight, we are going to a Fish & Chip Restaurant - yes apparently THAT is the thing to do on a Saturday evening in Devon - I am so torn - I don't know whether to wear Dolce & Gabanna or Gucci ..............

I will post again later - I am sending out an SOS, if anybody reads this - TWEET ME, I need contact from the outside world :D !!!!

Catch ya later!!!

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Looking Fab in your forties said...

Good that you got back safe and sound! x

Jools said...

Thanks honey, so good to be home :)