Friday, 27 April 2012

Freaky Weather Friday!

Hi Lovelies,

Wow, I feel soooo much better today. Thank goodness! I am back on form.

Well we can safely pop Dorothy Perkins back in the never to ever enter box - the dress is all kinds of hideous ! It is such a cheap nasty fabric, in a horrid bright pink, and it is really short (and I am only an ickle one, it would struggle to cover a regular heights bottom!).

It's an actual horror of a dress to be completely honest ............. hmmm I should have trusted my DP judgement on this one. Some shops just are not for me.

So what with this AND the pretty awful coloured Loubies, it has been an online shopping fail for Jools this week! Online shopping will never beat going to a store to see and feel things first hand, but sadly it won't put me off!

My new All Saints dress IS a success story though! I really like it. I am going to wear it out tomorrow evening, so will take modelling pictures then - it is this one :)

All Saints Rogalle Dress - £95

I had a great day in Guildford, meeting with the Make Up Artist for my friends wedding. Another box ticked. Everything is coming along there so nicely - I really need a job in Bridal !

So while the rain lashed down, I had some time to have a quick look around the shops.

You might remember this Carven Skirt that I really wanted!

Skirt - Carven £305

I ummed and aahhhed about this skirt. Firstly I was put off by the colour - I can just picture it now - Jools with a glass of red wine, and/or Coffee, sitting on a recently painted bench, and then Pooky jumping up ............ you get it right?

and secondly the price!

I figured it would spend more time in the Dry Cleaners than at home - I am pretty clumsy!

And does anybody else have a love hate relationship with skirts? I just find them harder than jeans for some reason and I don't know why! With dresses, you just pop it on and go - it is so easy - but with skirts, you have to think about shoes, top, accessories ............
It is just an excuse of course as you have to do the same with trousers - but it just seems a lot more effort!

So I was really pleased to find this little alternative one today in good old Topshop!
It is a seriously nice, heavy material and I do not have to be precious with it!

Skirt - Topshop £38

and on me!

We just need some warm weather now !!!

and I am a very lucky girl because look what I got tonight when PC and Elli did some snack shopping!!

YAY!! I am so reading that this weekend! Tacky Gossip is right up my street!

Thanks for reading - I can't say enough how much I love that you do!

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Urban Butterfly said...

I love that little skirt on you. :) You really have had a bad week. As soon as I saw the OR collection I knew you wouldn't like it :( I feel the same about DP's clothes the price is starting to go up yet I find the quality still poor.

Jools said...

Thanks Baby, yes it has been returned already, at least I tried it, but I should know by now that it doesn't work for me!!