Sunday, 29 April 2012

Saturday - Dinner with friends and lots of Sheldon Cooper!

Hi Lovelies,

I was super smug yesterday, as I wrote my blog BEFORE I went out, thinking that I could just add a couple of pictures when I got back home and send out my nightly blog as usual ...........

Sadly! THIS happened to me ..........!

So it is a very very jaded and wretched feeling Jools who is belatedly posting yesterdays blog ............ Sorry it is late!!

Well it was a very Chilled Saturday, Mia went for a sleepover so she is now back and having an afternoon nap, and Elli has gone off to have a sleepover tonight (at least that is what she has told me!!), so it is pretty quiet here! We had a Big Bang Theory marathon while listening to the rain outside.

We are going out for dinner this evening, and I am really looking forward to a night out!

I have been on the Power Plate this afternoon. The only thing that gets me through a session is thinking of things I hate EVEN more than doing it! Today I came up with these: Jogging, Crocs, Tuna, Courgettes, biting into a a cumin seed,  oh and Holby City ..............

So Jools Wore

Platform Suede Sandals from Zara, Lulu Guinness Lips Clutch

Chanel Crystal Earrings (just about seen!) 

Kate Moss for Rimmel Pink Lipstick (Shade no 5)

 All Saints dress, and my Chanel J12 watch

et voila - I was ready to go play - oh if only I could go back to this part of the evening again .............

And we need a SOD ....... now don't just ignore it! Please click and have a listen - it's a GREAT song and one of the bands I have to listen to pretty much all the time at home!!

No one does it better - You Me At Six

Hope you are having a fabulous weekend - Will blog again later, after a long recovery period ...........

Thanks for Reading

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Urban Butterfly said...

No wonder you have a hang over.... That Limoncello is what contributed to my 3 day hangover hell! I feel your pain, but least you did it in good shoes! ; ) x

Daniella Beauty Junkie said...

Gorgeous shoes! Good old Zara :) and beautiful Lulu Guiness bag... Hope your hangover buggers off soon! P.s. Big Bang Theory is one of my guilty pleasures! X