Thursday, 12 April 2012

Thursday - Thunderbolts and Lightning ........

Hey Lovelies

Oooh much excitement for Jools today, you will know all about it in a couple of days (oh don't you just hate it when somebody says that something exciting has happened but doesn't tell you what!) but please feel free to guess away at what it might be in the meantime!

So a very happy Jools has had a great day. I edited my wardrobe and Elli stole some (more) of my shoes, so she was a happy bunny this afternoon, and I had a cuddle with my Chanel Bags - as you do!

The thunder was incredible this afternoon - I love being at home when the rain is totally lashing outside. It is such a great sound! And just a little bit funny to watch people run past that have been caught in it!

We have a little tradition on the Friday before the Grand National. We get coffee, get the newspaper pullouts and choose our horses for the National and then place our bets.
Yes I know you can do it online, but it's not the same for the National - you have to physically have a betting slip to make it feel real. So that is tomorrow morning sorted!

Some things that caught my eye today (well what else is there to do when its raining THAT heavily outside)!

Floral Drop Waist Dress - Warehouse £55

Tribal Print Silk Colour Block Dress £65

Fearne Cotton for Very Dip Dye Maxi Dress £39

oh I am more than a little bit in love with this coat - cannot wait to try it on next time I am in Zara 

Pink Crew-Neck Coat £69.99

Guipure Mint Lace T-Shirt - Zara £25.99

I love this bag as it is a mini version of the Zara Shopper that everybody went crazy over last year. I always thought they were a little too stiff and big so this one looks pretty perfect to me!!

Leather Mini Shopper - Zara £59.00

This was the regular sized one that everybody adored thanks to some Celeb Toting!

Thanks for reading x

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Anonymous said...

I want that black zara mini shopper!! I already have the big tan one! Perfect! Love the pink coat too- very Carrie! Judester xx

Jools said...

Yay, it worked!! I knew you would love that shopper honey, actually thought of you and your search for one last year!!! :D

Urban Butterfly said...

Ooo look at the pretty ice cream colours! I love the pattern of the warehouse dress. Do you have anything else dropped waisted? I agree that bag is super fantastic and a good price too x

Jools said...

Me too honey, I love a drop waist but I think they have to be a certain length to make them look flattering :) Worth a try on tho next time we go shopping ;) !

Looking Fab in your forties said...

Yes I do hate it when people do that! If you gonna share in a couple of days, may as well do it now and put us out of our misery! Love that pink coat, I never saw that in Zara in the other week, still just as well, I am saving for sunglasses! I have the Zara tote in Tan, got it for Xmas and can't bring myself to carry it although I like it, I'm weird.

Jools said...

I know, its such a peeve! Hopefully will reveal very very soon!!! I hope that coat comes in soon, I want to play with it lol :D

So you have a Zara bag and won't use it??? Thats mad lol, get it out and play ......... it deserves an outing and you won't feel the need to be so precious with it once you start using it.

Looking Fab in your forties said...

ha ha I'm not being precious I am being silly because I can't bring myself to carry a cheap bag! Oh and still guessing. Are you going to be in Marbs same time as me? Decided to buy the Celine, killed the Stalker?