Wednesday, 11 April 2012

More Whine Wednesday than Wine Wednesday - Thanks to Chanel.......

Hi Lovelies,

Today was spent dealing with imbeciles. But I am calm again now!!!

So some fun was totally needed!
So Jools took Mimi to do some Pottery Painting at Happy Potter in Teddington!

Mia chose to paint a cat bowl!

my coffee mug matched my nails - splendid !!! 

Looking good! 

It has gone off to be fired now!

It was really good fun, so I can definitely recommend it!

I resumed the running this evening too after 5 days off - I now find that when I breathe out and repeatedly say I hate this, I hate this - it kinda helps - I think I have to face the facts though, I am never gonna be any good as this! Even really cool Stella McCartney for Adidas sportswear isn't enough to make me think it is ok .........

My VOD today is this House of Holland Dress - they released it last summer and it's around again for 2012. I love it because it is really happy colours - which are very much required today!

House of Holland Silk Poncho Dress £225

and I am liking these shoes

Polka Diamonte Peep Platforms - New in at Topshop! £98

Hope your Wednesday was a good one!

Thanks for reading x

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LooweezBx said...

We went to a ceramic painting place for my friend's hen weekend (not your typical hen weekend!!) and it was so much fun, loved it! :D

And that is SHOCKING about Chanel :O

Jools said...

I would definitely do it again too !!! :D