Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Tuesday - Marni, Noodles & Gasp! a Louboutin Rant ............. !

Hi Lovelies,

So, how is Tuesday working out for you?

All is well Chez Jools.

My Marni Jacket finally arrived today. Well it was only 2 weeks since I ordered it lol - H&M have the worst delivery times of any online fashion store! It is nice though.

I had a fab afternoon with Mimi, we drank hot chocolates, ate french fries and read the weekly glossy mags - there are not many better ways to spend a rainy afternoon than THAT!!!

I had an email from Matches today - they have one Celine Luggage bag available - the wait lists are crazy stupid just now, so if anybody wants the details (yes, I know they are hideously expensive!) just let me know!

Tri Colour Suede, Leather & Satin Celine Mini Luggage

 The girls chose where we were eating tonight, so it was always going to be Wagamama's, it was really good fun though - all in all a pretty Top Tuesday!

I saw this - it sums up my running skills just now perfectly ..........

Oh and Louboutin finally got back to me (no, sadly not him personally!) and said that the £28 delivery charge quoted for one pair of shoes from their new online UK store IS correct, and is fixed and cannot be changed - even though it is a DHL Standard delivery.
That is ridiculous after waiting so long for them to go live - why is anybody going to bother when they can get them from Matches, Net-a-Porter, Browns & Pam Jenkins for between £5 - £10? - sort it out Monsieur Louboutin - it is really bad form profiteering from delivery, you surely make enough money as it is ............

Anyway that is my vent over - damn it I still want the shoes though, so let me know if you see them - It's a principle thing now (oh this is never going to last ........ )

Thanks so much for reading :)

Until tomorrow x

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Anonymous said...

I think I need to call Louboutin's distribution team and tell them that I can do their UK deliveries for a fraction of the fricking cost.....


Jools said...

You need to go privately with this honey - and take over the whole shoe world thing ............... Its a blinking outrage

Urban Butterfly said...

Your hair looks fab. I tried it as per your instructions.... Failed! I just don't seem to have the knack with curling hair.