Friday, 4 May 2012

Its Friday I'm in love .........

Hi Lovelies,

Hope Friday found you well.

I tucked into some more of the Simon Cowell book this morning (yes, it was raining AGAIN), and it is getting a little bit better now (finally!)

I met the gorgeous husband at lunchtime for a much needed Latte Fix (I have been on a health food campaign the last couple of weeks, so coffee feels like my only treat just now, but I'm not going to bore you with that!)

I had time to get my nails played with this afternoon before picking up the girls, so it was a really nice day Chez Jools.

I went for red today!

I unpacked all my new purchases this morning, and took a couple of better close-up pics of some of the tops.

Pleated Lace Collar Swing Top (Topshop)

with the Wax zipped Trousers (Zara)

Lace Sweetheart Top (Topshop)

 Lace & Pintuck Shell Top

This super cool Bentley pulled out of Shepperton Studio's in front of me this evening!!! I wonder who was inside!

I am really looking forward to going to the Louboutin Retrospective tomorrow. A Saturday in London is always fun!

What plans does everybody else have for the bank holiday weekend? I really want to see the new Jason Statham movie 'Safe" - and of course it is because of the script!

My VOD for a Friday night out is this one

Laser Cut Dress - Alexander McQueen £1030

and we may as well use the booties too - That is one kick-ass outfit!

Laser Cut Ankle Boots - McQueen £305

Many thanks for reading x

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Urban Butterfly said...

I love the Lace Sweetheart Top on you, it looks stunning on you! I am reading this at the moment. It's really funny and great as you can pick it up & put it down easily.
I recommend it :) Have a fab time tomorrow.

Jools said...

Thanks baby xx oh I adore him on Twitter too, I will check out that book!

Michelle said...

Love the topshop top and Zara pants! So jealous we don't have Zara in NZ! Enjoy the Loubie retrospective tomorrow. Make sure you take heaps of photos!

Jools said...

aww thanks honey, will try and take lots of picture, (not sure if they will allow them inside but will try my hardest heheeee) x