Saturday, 5 May 2012

Saturday - Louboutin Exhibition at the Design Museum

Hi Lovelies,

Well today was a London day. We had tickets for the Louboutin Exhibition so we made a day of it and went to see HMS Ocean which is currently docked at Greenwich.

Well, my technical opinion of it is that it is very grey and very massive!! The helicopters took off from the flight deck while we were watching and Police Boats circle around it - it is pretty incredible to see.

They also happened to be doing some fitness training on the embankment, so Jools got to see some navy guys warming up with their fitness commander - ahhh you just know it is going to be a good day!

HMS Ocean

Well I obviously needed to wear some Loubies today, but I wasn't going to wear them around London all day (far too cobbly) so I took them with me!!

Black Lamby Chanel Flap came out to play today too

Totally Prepared!!!

These are the only two things a boot ever needs!!

The Design Museum is in Shad Thames - such a beautiful location, full of tiny little cobbled streets right next to the river, with pretty little shops and restaurants.

Once inside, it is very strict. No photography is allowed, and there are staff EVERYWHERE so that you cannot take pictures at any point (not even sneaky ones which I am really good at usually!)

Every pair has a sign saying, 'Please do not Touch' which of course makes you want to touch them ALL (and I did give a few a stroke!) They are also glued down!!!

So sadly, no pics from inside, but here are a few I have found online to give you a little idea

 Shoes were displayed on Carousels

and inside glass domes

Every half an hour, a beautiful hologram 4 minute mini-movie plays. It starts with a giant crystal silver shoe and morphs into the beautiful Dita Von Teese .........

and there is another short movie which showed Monsieur Louboutin dancing in his red soles!

Louboutin Studded Boots on display

you walk through little garden archways and walkways to see different shoes on display

The Gift shop missed a total trick.
Why they did not open a pop up Louboutin shop I will never understand.
Everybody watching the video of how they were made would have snapped up a pair (or more). Sadly the only items for sale were Fridge Magnets, The Louboutin Book, and some lined notepads!

We had dinner in town too, so it was a really nice way to spend a bitterly cold day

Now what have you been up to!! ?

Thanks for reading x

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