Tuesday, 1 May 2012

These are a few of my favourite things!

Hi Lovelies,

A question for you. What are your favourite things? Not the obvious things like family and how we feel about them (I hope that is a given!)  It could be sights / smells / places / food or just things that make you really smile! I would love you to send me your lists please of the first things that pop into your head!

  1. Freshly mown grass
  2. Stocks & Freesia's - Surely no better smell!
  3. Diqtique Candles
  4. Being surprised with something lovely!
  5. Having a really firm Massage
  6. Puppies & Kittens
  7. Making Daisy Chains on a summers day
  8. Finding THE perfect dress
  9. Chinese Food
  10. Cocktails with my girlfriends
  11. Sleeping in

I booked my Louboutin retrospective tickets today to see the exhibition at the Design Museum this weekend. I am super excited! I cannot wait to be surrounded by fabulous shoes for a couple of hours!!

You can order tickets via TicketWeb - lots more details HERE!!!

So today Jools Wore a boho look - 
I figured with this much rain, there wasn't much point in a groomed look!!

Feather Print Kimono - House of Harlow

Jeans - True Religion

with Marni Platforms

I love this Chanel Jubilee Celebration Idea too (from this weeks Hello Magazine)

To celebrate the Jubilee year, Chanel and HELLO! are holding an exclusive reader event on 31 May at Selfridges Oxford Street in London. 

You will receive a special Jubilee-inspired manicure by nail artist Sophy Robson, a champagne tea with fragrance consultation at the Chanel Espace Parfum boutique (left), and an exclusive Chanel beauty gift bag. 

Try Jubilee colours from Chanel’s Le Vernis range in Blue Satin, Dragon and Attraction, £17.50 each. 

Exclusive offer
• To join this unique event on 31 May, call the Chanel counter at Selfridges Oxford Street on 020-7318 2372. Mention hello! magazine when booking. A £25 booking fee applies, redeemable against any Chanel beauty purchase on the day. 11am-7pm.

I have really missed PC the last few days, it's just me and the girls just now .......... which gives me lots of time for these tonight!

And I will leave you with a double decker sandwich of loveliness!
Jared Leto pictured with David Beckham at yesterdays Lakers Game
(Lose the ridiculous beard tho ......... and I am not talking about Victoria)

Thanks for reading x

You can view lots more of my pictures at http://what-jools-wore.tumblr.com/


Urban Butterfly said...

OMG like I can take much more excitement today, putting up a picture of Becks and Jared together it may just tip me over the edge! I'm so me
Of the hair, mine will not have this look at all! Great list mine would be -

Hampton Court with a picnic
Long hot baths with a book
When Cherry snuffles my face
Flying my kite
Ditto firm massage
Lying in the sun, feeling all warm and reading

Urban Butterfly said...

Meant to say so jel about the hair. Whoopsie x

Jools said...

aww I want a Cherry snuffle too !!!!!

Natalie said...

the way the shirt flows on you is very flattering!