Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Tuesday - Met Gala piccies and the Asos delivery includes The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Hi Lovelies,

Today sure felt like a Monday, but we only have 3 more days until the weekend again - YAY!!!

The Met Gala took place last night, and all the most beautiful faces were there!
It is like the Oscars for Fashion, and marks the opening night of the Annual Fashion Exhibition at New Yorks Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Cameron Diaz rectified her 'There's Something about Mary' Hairstyle
and Wore Stella McCartney

Renee Zelweger wowed in Emilio Pucci 

I wasn't really feeling Beyonce's Givenchy Gown

 Emma Stone looked as cute as a button in Lanvin

Jessica Alba wore fluid gold Michael Kors

Christina Ricci wore black lace and nude Thakoon NY 

Cate Blanchett wore Alexander McQueen 

My favourite Girl Crush Miss Sofia Vergara wore Cesare Casadei

 Jessica Biel in Prada

SJP wore Floral Valentino - what do you think?!

Gwyneth Paltrow also wore Prada

The most bizarre look of the night for me was Mary-Kate Olsen - it was far too severe for me!
She wore The Row (her own label)

The discounted Asos items came today, as suspected, they were not all ok!

The Good ....... !

I like this little daisy one as it feels really nice!

and the mint green one is also cute. I probably wouldn't wear it with the belt it came with though

The Bad ....... !

This just looked like a tennis dress and also was actually wonky on the boobies!
and was an itchy, scratchy linen material

and the Ugly ......... !

Sorry to even have to show you this one! I look like a Canary auditioning
in Strictly come dancing ......

The length, the cheap lace detailing, and THE COLOUR!! oooh it is all sorts of wrong
but I have to show you the good with the bad right ...... ? Now stop laughing!

You're Terrible Muriel !!!!

Thanks for reading xx

You can view lots more of my pictures at http://what-jools-wore.tumblr.com/


Urban Butterfly said...

Of all those dresses I like Jessica Beil''s Prada number the best. I am not feeling Beyonce's dresses either, think it just doesn't work for her. Not liking Cameron's very 80's hair either. Ooh aren't I an negative ninny tonight ; )
How cute is that mint green day dress. Not too bad for ASOS, 2 outta 4 :) x
Did PC lick the custard ;)

Jools said...

Heheee he promised me a lick! Thats what I thought too, I knew I would be lucky if half worked out, so I am glad I ordered them all. Me and Pooks ran to the post box to send that hideous yellow dress back - I didn't want it in the house overnight ............

Anonymous said...

Can I also comment, what is it with side zips, if designers put them in at least make them good quality so that they actually do up.

Daniella Beauty Junkie said...

Love the daisy print dress! Tempted to buy it :) and as for the Met Gala dresses, Emma Stone looks lovely and for some reason I'm really living Christina Riccis dress!

Jools said...

Oh I so agree, they are meant to make it easier to dress yourself, but they sooooo don't! Give me a back zip any day :)

Jools said...

oh Daniella I would definitely try it, it is by far the nicest of the ones that came, and a really reasonable price.

I think Christina totally rocked that look, it was perfect for her. I am still a little bit in shock about the Olsen look tho - she is so naturally
gorgeous yet she looks like a dodgy goth in that whole costume!

Let me know if you give the ASOS dress a whirl :)

Looking Fab in your forties said...

Ha, I see we both featured a lot of the same Met Ball dresses, was very upset by SJP's frock choice! Shame about the Asos dress, it was the one I liked the most that you hated when it came! x