Sunday, 22 July 2012

Sunday in Central London ............

Hi Lovelies,

Well after last nights blog I emailed a copy to Burberry and they very kindly advised me that although the amazing studded gloves were not online to purchase, there was limited stock at the Bond Street Store .........

Elli was going to a band meet up today at Waterloo so it all worked out pretty well. We had a beautiful drive into a very sunny London Town and spent the morning on the South Bank

Dress Topshop, Sunglasses & Bag Chanel, Wedges New Look

and then went over to Bond Street, you know, just to have a look .................................

Heeeheeee, so on one of the warmest days of the year, Jools took fashion to a whole new level and purchased her A/W gloves! Well, I couldn't leave them there, could I! I am glad that Burberry tweeted me, as they are not out on display, you have to ask for them. And so I was so happy that there was a pair available.

I will take piccies of my actual gloves tomorrow as it is evening now and I want to show you them in natural light, but I had the most incredible service at Burberry, it was a complete pleasure to shop there. They did advise that the gloves are being made in very limited quantities (they only have one more pair in stock).

The studded clutch in real life is absolutely incredible - but sadly so is the price tag at £2k

 Burberry Studded Gloves (ref 38435631) £395

 Thanks for reading, and letting me tell you about my exciting day!


Miss Nadia-Naz said...

Words cannot describe how jealous I am hehe :) can't wait to see a picture of them! You buy gloves the week Its turned warm! Very British hehe.

Jools said...

I wish Burberry had released them earlier. The sun hasn't stopped shining since I picked them up ;) heheheeeee x