Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Chanel Pops up in Covent Garden and pictures of Burberry Studded Gloves !!!

Hi Lovelies,

A couple of times I have been to Covent Garden recently and a little dis-used shop always catches my eye. It has the famous CCs all over it and it had me intrigued. Now all is revealed and it is ready to be opened tomorrow as a Chanel Beauty Pop Up Store.
Inside, there are beauty stations,  the first ever Chanel Nail bar, and every cosmetic and beauty Chanel product is available. It is going to be open until December 27th and every month they will specialise in doing something a little bit different. It was open to the Media today amid tight control. But these are the pictures so far!

Taxi's were painted in the colour of Chanel Lipsticks!

and Nail Polishes!

I am very much looking forward to going to check it out. I will wait until after the Olympics though!

Today was so nice. We finally got to sit in the garden and catch some sun - simple pleasures but it felt so nice.

And as promised, pictures of my new Burberry Studded Gloves!!!

Thanks for reading!

Until Tomorrow x


Looking Fab in your forties said...

The gloves are gorgeous! I would love to visit the Chanel store and get my nails done there but like you, I'm gonna wait!

Jools said...

we should meet and have them done together after the olympics honey :)

Anonymous said...

Chanel and studs, what a great combination! Gloves are gorgeous - do you think I could buy the last pair and "convert" them into the studded clutch I'm after?

Jools said...

It might have to be a smaller clutch than you wanted, but it would sure look pretty !!

lisa bambridge said...
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