Monday, 9 July 2012

Touche Eclat Foundation available from today!

Hi Gorgeous ones,

I picked up my Sprouse Scarf from the Dry Cleaners today, it's one of the scariest days of the year for me as they are like my comfort blankets!, so I have all sorts of worries about it being ruined or shrinking to the size of a hankerchief as I know it is a colour I cannot replace.

So I am very happy to report that she made it through with no problems heheeee, you would think I could put it away now until Winter, but thats not likely to happen is it!

I am going to venture out to pick up the new Touche Eclat Foundation tomorrow. It was released today and it has had some impressive previews. (It has been available exclusively at Selfridges for the last few weeks)

If you are a fan of the under eye highlighter, then this gives the same look to the entire face (apparently!)

Rumoured to be 10 years in the making, this foundation comes in an incredible 22 shades, so it really is going to suit every skin tone.

So I can hopefully very shortly let you know if it is better than the Chanel that I am currently using.

This trench caught my eye today, as let's face it, we all need one in our lives!

This is from the Premium Range at Topshop, and it has a removable leather collar

Premium Leather Collar Trench Coat £125 - Topshop

and this one is also a cutie

Faux Fur Removable Collar Trench Coat - £99 Fearne Cotton for Very

and continuing the embellished collar theme. I am a little over the peplum now as I think they have flooded the High Street, but I saw this one at the weekend and the colour and detailing make it a gorgeous little top

 Pearl Collar Blouse - Topshop £36

and some gorgeous prints for you!
This is new in at Matches Fashion and we could do with the sleeves at the moment!

Daisy Print Dress - Preen £318

Queen of the print Mary Katrantzou does it again

Sphinx Present Dress £650 (ooh I wouldn't mind this being gift wrapped!!)

Today Jools used her new Cabbage camera bag - and she behaved impeccably !

Thanks for reading x

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Michelle said...

I'm very excited about the Touche Eclat foundation. I hope it doesn't take too long to come to NZ! Morning Jools

Jools said...

Me too honey, will keep you posted. I would send you some samples but I think the whole point of it is that they want to get you to go in and get the
perfect colour for your skin tone :) x

Anonymous said...

I am very excited about the foundation, but how do I match my skin tone if I cannot buy it near me?

Nicole x

Anonymous said...

OMG love those dresses! Abs heavenly! I too will be keen to try the TE foundation - can't live without my TE! PBx

Jools said...

Hi N, I think it is one of those that you should wait until you can get to a store and have them pick the exact right shade for you - I was hoping to go today but it rained so hard that I didn't get there!