Sunday, 8 July 2012

A lovely Mulberry Pit Stop after a washout weekend!

Hi Lovelies,

Well our weekend in Devon was a total washout. The rain did not stop for a single second!

We ate in Exeter at lunchtime on Saturday and it was actually freezing, the rain was just pouring down in sheets and severe weather warnings were put in place because of the flooding risks near all rivers in Devon. Oh what joy, and exactly what you expect in July!!!

We warmed up with Latte's and home made soups and sandwiches here. Not quite Ice cream and cream tea weather ............. We all had our coats on.

I was tempted to wander around the high street and find a pair of gloves (and I am sadly not joking!)

To try and make it feel more like a little summer break we went into Torquay for the evening.

Hmmm, beautiful sandcastle making weather there too! 

But we did find a lovely Italian restaurant and drowned our weather sorrows with a nice bottle of red wine.

Well to quell the disappointment en route home we stopped at Shepton Mallet and even the weather brightened up a tiny bit in anticipation.

You may remember that I was in Somerset just last month for my birthday and I lucked out as the Mulberry sales had just started and I got a dress and some boots (it rained all weekend then too!)
I had heard that the autumn/winter colours had just landed at the Mulberry Outlets and I was really hopeful that that would mean some cabbage green pieces would be in!

and I sooo wasn't disappointed!

They had the gorgeous cabbage green in the Alexa, the mini Alexa, and the Taylor. They look so beautiful on display and you are instantly drawn to them as it's a really nice vibrant green :)

Well, this baby came home with Jools .......

Mulberry Alexa Cabbage Green Camera Bag

In the Sales section, they had reduced items by up to 90 percent now! They had some really nice pieces, especially shorts, but I am just really worried that we are not going to even get to wear them so I regretfully passed on those.

But we found a fabulous dress.

I have always loved the Carousel collection. The print is fantastic and I have the make-up bag already.

When I saw this I loved it. When I saw the price tag I was like WOW!!

Close up of the Carousel Horse Print

In the Mulberry Changing Rooms

Pleated on the skirt, and it has pockets - YAY!

and this was the price!

Well, we were totally seduced by the A/W colours.

We also came home with the camera bag in Conker for Elli-Rose and
we couldn't resist the Mini Alexa for Mimi also in the cabbage as it was the only one they had!

I was so very proud of Andy Murray, he played brilliantly. Sadly he came up against an awesome Federer today

and there were plenty of famous faces in the Royal Box for fashion watching!

Victoria wore everything from her own line. Dress is for A/W 2012 so not available yet

You just know the guy behind them can smell the hair products !

and Andy Murray's girlfriend Kim Sears was toting her Mulberry Bayswater today.

I hope you have had a fabulous weekend

Thanks for reading x

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Anonymous said...

Fabulous post Jools - so sorry Devon was such a wash out -nothing worse than the deepest English countryside in the rain! We had a holiday in Dorset in 2007 (the year of the floods) and it never stopped! Love love love the mulberry pieces - never considered the alexa camera bag but it looks lovely. Lucky daughters too to get a piece of M! And the dress was a bargain! Looks fab on you! PBx

Jools said...

Thanks Poppy, Devon sadly is a washout for me every single time I go !!!!

schoolgatestyle said...

Loved this post and have shared with my friends as I'll be passing Shepton Mallet on my way to Cornwall at the weekend. Taking orders for bags now! Was there much stock there? What were the prices like compared to RRP if you don't mind me asking? Thanks so much...loving the blog, Avril x

Jools said...

Thanks Avril. All items just coming into the outlet (i.e., which were in the stores one year ago) are 30 percent off of the retail price. Many of these bags never went into the sale originally so its a pretty good deal. They also have a sale on, so they would be items from last spring/summer and the bargains are unbelievable. Some dresses are 80 percent off the original price.

The Mini Alexa is £385 and my camera bags were £380 each. They had some much more reduced ones from older season colours, so I am sure you will find loads that you love :) x