Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Tuesday - Yay = the shorts are out, plus some Mulberry and pretty stuff!!

Hi Lovelies

Another gorgeous day in the sunshine. What a difference a week makes. I went out for coffee this morning and seriously thought there is nowhere else better to be than England when the sun actually shines!

We sat outside, drunk our coffees, AND it is finally shorts weather. All the clothes we haven't been able to wear are finally making it to the front of the wardrobe ............ !

Today, Jools Wore Chanel Sunglasses

Pinktuck cream Blouse - Topshop

Denim Shorts - Zara (now on Sale!)

and this stunner! (Mulberry Mesh Tillie)

Look how nicely my iPad fits in ......

We are going to the beach tomorrow. I am very excited as the sea air just makes me feel so relaxed and chilled. So an early start beckons

It also means another summer outfit that I didn't think was going to even get worn can come out to play!

I love the pattern on this - Daisy Playsuit £25 - River Island

A couple of gorgeous items that caught my eye this week

Christian Louboutin Diplonana Ankle Boots £995

and please, please tell us that this Sprouse Louis Vuitton Beret is going to be released.
I keep going back to this picture of Alexa Chung in it and I love it more every time!

and lastly, I adore this little underwear set - 50s retro style is everywhere 
just now, and this one stole my heart! (I know somebody else who is totally in love with it too who would rock it ....... (yes you M!)

Pale Pink Satin Harness Bralet £25 and matching High Waist Knickers £18 - Topshop

Thanks for reading x


Urban Butterfly said...

The moment Topshop release a new Bralett you know me :). The RI playsuit is super cute. I've been under my bed where the 'overflow Items are kept and found some summer items still tagged ; )

Jools said...

oooh good work honey, its like having totally new purchases. Was there anything you had forgotten you had? !!! x I ordered the rose pink set so it should be here soon :) x