Saturday, 18 August 2012

10 Summer dresses for 10 pounds or under

Hi Lovelies,

What an incredible day it has been. It is just so hot. We have spent much of the day sitting in the garden. Tomorrow is set to be a real scorcher heheeeee, and the heatwave is due to continue well into next week.

With this in mind, I wanted to tempt you with a few very last minute sale bargains that you really will not feel guilty about purchasing. They are all final reductions so you can enjoy wearing them right now on these rare super hot days - even if it is only for the next couple of weeks :)

Paris Yellow Polka Dot Dress - New Look Now £10

Pink Pleated Print Dress - New Look Now £10

AX Paris Orange Polka Dot Dress - Now £10

 Bird Print Tea Dress - New Look - yep, you have guessed it! £10

 Vero Moda Button Back Dress - Asos Now £7.50

Vero Moda Textured Dress - Asos Now £9.50

Vila Fit and Flare Turquoise Dress - Asos Now £10

Mesh Party Dress - Asos Now £9.50

This one will take you right through A/W too - Lace Collar Waist Dress -
Asos Now £9.50

Strappy Dress in Floral Print - Asos £10

10 very beautiful sun dresses and all under £10 (and all in stock in lots of sizes still today)
It is not every day Jools is this bargainous!

Let me know if you are tempted by any of them!!!

Thanks for reading, and remember the sun cream ............ xxx


Looking Fab in your forties said...

I shall pass this info on to my reader who I had to do a holiday accessories edit for, on a budget.
As for the blue dress, Claudia bought it in Pink last autumn and I burnt it whilst ironing the first time it was washed, if you buy it make sure the iron is on ultra cool! Other than that it was a lovely dress!

Jools said...

See this is why I just don't iron ................ !!!! :) x