Friday, 17 August 2012

Friday in the sunshine :)

Hola Lovelies,

Happy Friday! I hope your week has been a good one. It is so hot here today, it is going to be very difficult to sleep this evening, and this weekend is set to get even warmer and will be the hottest of the year.

So we chose a perfect day to meet friends for lunch al fresco by the waterside. I have very pink shoulders this evening though!

I had this cute little top delivered today. I will take modelling pictures as soon as it cools down
a little bit!

Scallop Lace Insert Pleat Top - Topshop £30.00

I think it will look nice with my favourite Acne Trousers :)

Acne Best Trousers - £180

I have been using a really nice new eyeliner for the last couple of weeks and can
completely recommend it

The nib is BRILLIANT and so is the price at £6.49

Today Jools Wore

Topshop Origami Dress

with Hermes Bangle

and Wedge Sandals

New in this week and totally adorable are these fabulous wedged brogues

Burberry Oxblood Wedge Brogues - £495

Let me know if you have any fun weekend plans - would love to hear about them

Thanks for reading x


ASH said...

You got the orange bangle! Love it - looks very good! x

Jools said...

Thanks Ash, yes totally in love with it!!! :)