Sunday, 19 August 2012

So excited for a Dita makeup collaboration ..........

Hi Lovelies,

I might be alone in this irrational dislike, but Debenhams is NOT my friend and never has been!

It always makes me feel a little bit depressed. I find it far too old fashioned, often the stores look very tired and in poor condition and they seem very unsure of who their target customer should be.

But I am going to give them another chance as they stock a range of makeup that I really want to check out in person and hopefully buy in bulk heheheeee!

ArtDeco makeup have collaborated with Dita to bring out a range of beautifully packaged cosmetics that really are Signature Dita!

Some information from ArtDeco here .........

For the first time Dita Von Teese, the beauty icon with the unmistakable look, is presenting the secrets of her glamorous appearance in a timeless, classic make-up collection. Seduction, elegance, and a touch of mystery are her signatures. Famous for her porcelain complexion, signature red lips, and her cat-eye liner, she is the modern face of retro Hollywood glamour. With her motto of “Beauty is Art”, Dita invites all women to feel beautiful with her 

Every piece is the type that you would be proud to be seen taking out of your handbag!

A Debenham's ArtDeco Display Counter - I want to play now!

I love the idea that she has bought out a Dita Magnetic Box Quadrat so you can fill it
with the colours that work for you the most.

Dita for ArtDeco Beauty Box £14 - These will be a limited edition

"For glamorous eyes, I begin with an ivory, white or pale toned eyeshadow over the entire lid and browbone with a flat brush, leaving the crease bare. Next I use a more pointed, full shadow brush to emphasize the crease with a pale beige, taupe, grey shadow. For a very dramatic look, I use a black shadow in the crease with a very defined line drawn just where the lid meets the crease. Alternating between the ivory-dusted flat brush and the contour shade, blend well. For extra glamour in the evening, the final touch is to use a sparkling white at the browbone and the pale lid." - Dita Von Teese

There are a beautiful palette of Glamour Eyeshadow colours available to pop in the box! 
They are priced at £6 each and they slot easily in and out of the box if you want to take them with you.

"I love the ritual of sitting at my vanity and applying makeup. It's a wonderful part of being a woman! I taught myself to do my own makeup so that I can have a quiet moment to transform myself before I start my day. With practice and patience, you do not need a glam-squad to achieve beauty." - Dita Von Teese

ArtDeco Dita Face Fatale Compact Face Powder £29

Well, Dita could not bring out a collection without focusing on making the eyes look incredible could she!!!

"I have been drawing an intense-black classic cat-eye line for over twenty years... It's a bit of an obsession for me. My Gel Eyeliner and Art Couture Eyeliner brush are the easiest way for me to get that perfectly shaped winged eyeliner. To perfect the art of creating this look, it takes patience, a steady hand and practice! Look down into your mirror until you have an clear view of your eyelid. Start with a thin line at the inside corner, slowly working your way to the outside corner, taking care not to draw the line too thick just yet. I like to start creating the shape while keeping a thin line until I decide how thick I want it to be. I go back and forth slowly working on one eye and then the other, noticing where I need to draw more thickly to make the shapes match each other. I check the eyeliner from different angles with a hand mirror until I feel they are a close match. Practice makes perfect!" - Dita Von Teese

Priced at £18 for a Volumising Dita Raven Mascara
The Gel Eyeliner is £19.50
Dita Strip Eyelashes & Crystal Lashes for ArtDeco £14

"Using a freshly sharpened Lip Liner...begin drawing the cupid's bow at the top of the lips, working your way to the corners. A slight over-draw near the top and sides of lips is acceptable, but be careful not to draw outside the lip's natural shape near the corners. Next draw the bottom shape of the lip. I like to lightly fill in the entire lip area for extra staying power and to create a nice deep base for my red lipstick. Next I apply my matte lip colour directly from the tube, or with a lipstick brush. After applying the lipstick, I like to touch up the edges of the lip line with the pencil for precision. Remember, with red lipstick, the key is to be precise!" - Dita Von Teese

I am very excited about the Velvet 'Dita' Lipsticks. They come in 6 shades and are £18.50 each
The Lip Laquer is £16.25 and the Lip Liners are £9.75 each

And Ceramic Nail Laquer colours complete the collection
4 Dita Colours are available priced at £10 each

Dita said about the collection .......

"The truth is that I‘m quite an ordinary looking girl. When I was a little girl, I remember watching classic Hollywood films from the 40s and noticing that these glorious women were painted that way. Glamour is about of creation, and any woman who desires it can learn to create it for herself as I have. I believe that makeup has the power to transform an ordinary woman into an extraordinary one." Dita Von Teese

Now I do not think for a single second that she is an ordinary girl!!!!! But if you would like to emulate her glamourous look you can purchase them online at Debenhams.Com and at
and instore at Debenhams.

I really want to choose the correct shades so will wait and go in person to choose some very soon!

Do you think you will be indulging?

Thanks for reading x


Urban Butterfly said...

I know that Debenhams are trying to work on their image as I think a lot of people share the same view. Oh you so know who will be getting all this ; ) I've been waiting a long time for the release as its already been in Germany a good few months ( I think that's because ArtDeco is a DE brand)

Jools said...

I thought of you totally lovely :) Yes I think UK release is a little later than they hoped, but all in stock now so we definitely need to check it out!!!! :) xx