Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Stella McCartney, some Vintage Hermes & Kitten Cuddles

Hi Lovelies,

My sister picked up a new kitten today, obviously we had to go and visit the new arrival - armed with kitty gifts as if it was a new baby (which of course she is!)

She is nameless at the moment, but I will keep you up to date with what name is chosen ....... and if you have any gems, please let us know, would love to hear them! I went for Carrie, as I have a Mr Big or Dolly!

Its tiring being a baby...... Meow!!

Tomorrow is our daughters 17th Birthday. I have no idea how this could have happened as obviously I am only 31 ;) lol

It had us reminiscing to the day that she arrived. I had a craving for Chinese Chicken in Breadcrumbs in a lemon sauce when she was due and I had that before going to the hospital (priorities!)

So talking about it today made me absolutely crave it this evening and so began a comical trip home from my sisters, stopping at every Chinese takeaway we drove by to look at their menu to see if they had it available.

Well, the fifth one did heheheeee, and so we ordered some ............

It was fowl! I think my tastebuds have changed immensely since those days, but all other
memories of that day are beautiful!

My lust have item of the day is this frankly incredible skirt from Stella McCartney

I adore cream in the winter, as it looks so stylish - especially when teamed with black

Stella McCartney Embossed Skirt £645
The Printed Silk Shirt pictures is also Stella McCartney £545

of course we could find a silk blouse on the high street too to save some pennies as this look is all about the skirt!

I would love to wear it with my YSL Boots

and this gorgeous Stella McCartney Bag

Falabella Faux Leather Shoulder Bag £485

and be still my beating heart (surely a mum deserves a gift on her daughter's 17!)

Browns Fashion have some Vintage Hermes Bags for sale!

Enquiries only, gosh I would love to know how much these babies are - I will drop them an email.

The first one is a 1973 Crocodile Kelly Bag

 Would anybody like to hazard a guess as to how much this one would be?!!

and this one is also available

Vintage Mini Hermes Kelly Bag from 1989 

Thanks for reading x

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