Thursday, 8 November 2012

Christmas came early !!!!!

Hi Lovelies,

I had to go and collect Mia from school this morning as she was not feeling very well, so a cosy day at home was how our day panned out. Wearing onesies (Mia, not me!) and drinking hot soup.

She slept all afternoon and because I wanted to be close by - this is what Jools ended up doing.

Yep, Jools started her Christmas wrapping!!!

In the last couple of days, the first presents that I have ordered have started to arrive, so I sat and wrapped them. Aww it felt so good!

and after I had finished that, she was still sleeping

so I sorting out and tidied up my makeup case

and then framed another Hermes shopping bag to add to my dressing table area

so it turned out to be a pretty efficient day, and after her epic sleep she is feeling
much better now!

There was also 25% off today at ASOS. So I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to order the two dresses that I have had on my want list.

I know we say it all the time, but I find Asos so very hit and miss (especially their own range)
so I don't expect them both to be good - but I am crossing my fingers that one of them
might be a keeper.

Green Dress with Lace Collar and Bib Front

and this one that I blogged about loving a while ago 

Crystal Collar pocket dress - Sister Jane (at Asos)
(it does looks really short, but there are always woolly tights and I am alot shorter than a model!)

If anybody wants the code, it is valid on full price items until tomorrow lunchtime
use SUPERGOODY as the promotion code

and lastly, how hot did Cameron Diaz look at the World Premier
of Gambit last night!

It did help that she accessorised with a dress by Stella McCartney
and a certain Colin Firth!

Thanks for reading x

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Anonymous said...

Hope Mia's recovered now. Great that you got the xmas wrapping going - starting mine in the coming week - can never be too soon!
I do think Cameron looks fab but the skirt is a bit too bulky at the front from this angle. Her erm, chest is looking kinda different! Of course Mr Firth looks wonderful.

Jools said...

Thanks CC, yes little and often is the best way with Christmas wrapping - otherwise you get a sore back!! She is looking fuller in the booby deparment for sure ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi I love the frames you use whe are they from? Glad Mia is feeling better x