Wednesday, 7 November 2012

ooh it's Wine Wednesday already :)

Hi Lovelies,

Well it has been a busy couple of days, but that is a good thing - right!

Last night was spent compiling Christmas Lists - and you know you have a job on your hands simply when you have to use the word compiling! I love Christmas so much though - so it is not really a chore, and I have a good idea of what I am getting people now!

We went out for an early dinner this evening - is it a sign of my age that I really feel squiffy after a single glass of wine!? But it is Wine Wednesday so I feel like everything in the world is right.

The Topshop dress that I already have in red arrived today :) It is so beautiful in black - so if you are looking for a go-to little black dress, you absolutely can't go wrong with this Seam Waist one from Topshop. You can dress it up or down, I absolutely adore them and I have plans for this one already ......

Seam Waist Dress - Topshop £50

Being a little one, it is really hard for me to wear flat shoes. I just don't feel comfortable in them whatever I am wearing!
I love seeing everybody else in their cute ballet pumps but I have not a clue how you wear them all day - I find them so much more painful than heels!
So I am always on the lookout for shoes that can work from day right through until evening which you can ACTUALLY wear all day without any pain.

And ladies - the Shackle range at Topshop does exactly that!

There are lots of different styles. Full bling, plain leather or satin ones with crytal heels or half and half!
Each pair is heavily cushioned inside, with a lightweight platform heel that I promise
you, you can actually walk in for hours!

Topshop Shackle Heels between £68-£78 depending on the style

They are soooooo easy to wear!
You can try them with a pair of lace top socks with a shorter dress
or a pair of 7/8th skinny Cigarette Pants

Lace top Socks (also from Topshop) 3 pairs for £8 !!!!
I have lots of these although they always seem to find their way into our daughters drawers!

and the last item that I am in love with from good old Toppers this week is this one

I love everything about this Top.
The shape, the gorgeous crystal collar, and the thick waffle material.

 Gem Collared Waffle Top - £30

Jools Wore the Zara grey coat again today
without doubt my best buy of the year - I simply love wearing it

and speaking of Zara - I am a little bit in love with this sweater dress -
I would team it with a leather biker style jacket

 Combination Knit Dress £39.99 Zara

it would also look so cosy with either of these fab priced scarves
 (also from Zara) I am a total sucker for a huge scarf!

Grey Knitted Scarf £25.99

Knitted Scarf £9.99

And as I am finishing the Christmas Lists, it is only right that I have a glass of
baileys over ice - Cheers!!!!!!

Thanks for reading x


Anonymous said...

Love your high street posts Jools. I have the grey Zara coat and was swamped with comments about it the other day at work. Also have one of the scarves in a wine colour. I love your choices! PBx

Jools said...

aww thanks so much Poppy :)

Looking Fab in your forties said...

For once a zara dress of a decent length, I like it! Claudia has loads of those socks and I am always losing them in the wash, I swear the machine eats them, then I get moaned at as she has to buy more! Funny about the flats, I am the same heght and twice as wide but live in ballet flats!

Ali-Bagpuss said...

I really love how that Zara Grey Coat looks on you, such a shame that when I tried it on it looked awful, I was hoping to be able to add it to my wardrobe!

Jools said...

aww your poor washing machine sounds hungry honey!! I love all the colours that they do those socks in. And you are NEVER allowed to put yourself down on my blog - I think you are one seriously fabulous and very yummy mummy - AND you can wear flats !!!! you can go off a person you know ;)

Jools said...

oh that is such a shame Ali. I sized down as I think it was too oversized, but there are so many gorgeous coats out there at the moment, that another one will be just around the corner x