Thursday, 22 November 2012

Christmas Shopping Event Chaos (oh and cute dog piccies!)

Hi Lovelies,

Today was bath day for the doggies - oh gosh, it is one big operation. Luckily they don't mind the water too much but drying off a whole heap of little doggies is quite the job! Today's pet shampoo was Sweetpea and blossom lol! and then I finish off the final rinse with a splash of Johnson's Baby Bath, so they all smell lovely (well for the day at least)!

A Snuggly Missy - All wrapped up!

Look at the size of Biba next to the Shampoo Bottle!!!


Doggy pampering aside, I wrapped a few more presents today as it was absolutely fowl weather outside and then this evening we went to Bentalls in Surrey for their Christmas Shopping Event. 
They had teamed up with The Daily Telegraph for a promotional evening - it was absolutely packed! I had no idea it was going to be so popular - it most definitely felt like Christmas. The queue at the Mac Cosmetics counter was jaw dropping - 20 percent off of makeup bought people flocking from everywhere. It was all quite unbelievable really.

PC bought me a totally amazing gift - but sadly I am not allowed to share it with you until Christmas (don't you hate it when they make us wait like that!) but it is so going to be worth the wait I promise!

In other news the Hen Party preparations are going really well (it is this weekend) so there is lots going on just now.

My mid week lust items are these amazing boots!

Velvet and Pearl Button Ankle Boots - Tabitha Simmons £1283

and these!

Azzedine Alaia Suede & Mesh Boots £865

and I am loving this little dress - it is very Mary Katrantzou (without the price tag!)

Printed Prom Dress in Jewel Print - Asos £95

Thanks for reading x

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Looking Fab in your forties said...

The Shoe Porn picks are divine! Can't wait to find out what your pressie is!