Monday, 19 November 2012

A touch of Velvet .........

Hi Lovelies,

We have heat!! Thank goodness. This morning it was so cold that I went to Pilates just to warm up! Nobody wants that on a Monday Morning really - and it was a different teacher today and the only way I can describe it was - weird!

But now we are basking in warmth, so Jools is a happy bunny.

I have finally got around to adding a SEARCH button to the blog. Lot's of lovely girls have asked me about older posts, so now if there is anything you remember seeing that you liked, just type the designer or keyword in and it will take you to all relevant blogs.

My blog tonight is all about Velvet. It is the one fabric that is completely guaranteed to make us think of Christmas. It is perfect for Christmas day and Christmas Parties. It is a fabric that for the majority of the year we kind of overlook, and lets be honest, it is not the easiest garment to care for (especially if you have pets!). But each December we all start thinking about it again ..........

Here is Jools pick of some of the best on the high street - lets see if it tempts you !

Velvet Midi Dress with Jewel Panels - Asos £75

Velvet Detail Midi Dress (this one is definitely my favourite) - Asos £120 

Beaded Velvet Kimono - Asos £50

Burgundy Velvet Playsuit - Topshop £45

Velvet Biker Jacket with embellished pearls - Zara £139

'Vamp' Velvet Flats (available in Red & Navy) - Zara £19.99

Washed out Silk Velvet Mink Blazer - Zara £99.99


Religion Fringed Flag Velvet Cardigan £105

Velvet Box Clutch - Zara £19.99

Dr Martens Avery Printed Cherry Velvet Boots £100


Velvet and Mesh Maxi Dress - Mango £44.99

Velvet Skater Dress - Oasis £65

Soooo? Do you embrace Velvet at Christmas? and which one is your favourite :)

Thanks for reading x

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LooweezBx said...

Aw I love velvet! I bought a gold velvet dress from topshop last winter and I think I'm just going to wear it every Christmas, forever haha xx