Tuesday, 13 November 2012

I'm a Dandy Highwayman ..........

Stand and Deliver !!!!!! 

Hi Lovelies

Dandy! There is no escaping it. Be it the more historical tapestry and heavily embroidered look seen at Carven, to the jacquard look, some form of it is pretty much everywhere just now.

I really, really want to wear this Dandy Suit as a two piece. I 'think' if you kept everything else very pared down, with a high ankle boot you could just about get away with it!! 

Would you brave it!?

Dandy Wallpaper Blazer £68 - Topshop

Dandy Wallpaper Trousers £40 - Topshop

Tapestry Dress £35 - Love at ASOS

The new diffusion line from Firetrap is called Rock and Rags - This Tapestry skirt is just £28
and is available from HERE!!! (USC.co.uk)

 Embroidered Clutch £39.99 - Zara

Surrender Bow & Platform Shoes £68 - Topshop

Game2 Tapestry Pointed Court Shoes £48 - Topshop

Flower Tapestry Lantern Dress with Bow Belt £65 - Nishe at ASOS

Devore Kimono £45 - Topshop


Tapestry A Line Skirt £30 - ASOS

Tapestry Shorts with Bow Belt £30 - Nishe at Asos

Tapestry Corset £31.50 - ASOS

Tapestry Dandy Crop Jacket £65 - Topshop

Matching Tapestry Skirt £40 - Topshop

What do you think of the Dandy Trend?

Thanks for reading x

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I really like this trend but think you have to be very careful about the material you choose. Adam was great wasn't he?!
I like the tapestry skirt best. As for the Carven suit, I would never be able to wear them together but separately would be fine!