Monday, 12 November 2012

Are my new Dresses Keepers? You Decide! and pretty pics from the MTV awards

Hi Gorgeous Ones

Happy Monday.

Poor Mimi is still at home, it is just an annoying tickly cough left now, so a final day at home and she can hopefully go back to school tomorrow ........

What a yukky horrid day out there. PC was so cute this morning and went to pick up the Christmas Baileys that are on offer at Asda - how sweet is that - so that was 3 more little pressies done (and yes I do mean you - Debs, Jay & Mum!)

Everybody loves a bottle of Baileys in their stocking dont they! - it is reduced from £20 to £10 for a litre bottle for a few more days yet so get on it if you have not done so already! Right, thats my good deed tip of the day done.

My two ASOS Dresses arrived, which brightened up a very wet Monday.

I adore the Sister Jane Crystal Collar Dress (Claudia Winkleman would love this dress - it is so her style!), but as first thought - it is very short!

So girls, can I keep it if I get some super soft, very thick woolly tights to go with it??

What do you think of them both (and you can be honest - tags are still attached!)

Crystal Flowers on the Collar :)

and this was the little green lace bib front one with pleats
(I got 25% discount off of both to these)

You can find this dress from Asos HERE!!!

Last Night was the MTV Europe (EMA) awards

Carly Rae Jepsen crowd surfs! 

and a much more demure look for her here! Dress by Johanna Johnson

Taylor Swift was the ring master onstage

and looked very elegant backstage ......
Taylor Swift wore J MendelRita Ora wore Marchesa
Kim Kardashian wore Stephane Rolland (which was kinda unflattering on the boobs!)

and the goddess that is Gwen Stefani

wearing Jean Paul Gaultier (2013 collection)

and backstage with No Doubt

red carpet outfit also by JPG

Alicia Keys wore the famous eye illusion panelled Stella McCartney Dress

and some Monday Eye Candy in the shape of one very gorgeous Brandon Flowers

Thanks for reading x


Looking Fab in your forties said...

I love the green one honey, not sure about the length of the other one, why don't they make them in lengths? It is very CW! Poncho arrived today yay and I dug out Claudia's asos fur snood from last year and its a keeper. I am Clint Eastwood!

ASH said...

I'm with Sharron - like the green one best - really suits you - both shape and colour.

Thanks for the tip about the Baileys! xx

Jools said...

oh looking forward to a piccie of the Poncho hon? So green one is a keeper, black one can go back so that Claudia can buy it ;) !!!!

Jools said...

Thanks Ash :) Yep go buy some Christmas Baileys - its a must have purchase. Will keep the green one :) thankyou xxx

Michelle said...

Jools...I really like both! The green one looks fab on you as does the black one. I don't think its too short.