Monday, 5 November 2012

oooh Monday is most definitely looking up - and Jools Logic is back!

Hi Lovelies,

Yes, thanks to some Monday deliveries, a dull and cold Monday Morning turned into a very fabulous afternoon indeedy!!

First came the Michael Kors delivery from The Outnet .......

You have gotta love a bargain stripy sweater (It is really soft and lightweight too)

and then this little pretty arrived too! - and to think I usually hate Monday's!

Hermes Kelly Double Tour Leather Bracelet with gold hardware
(picture taken with protective covers still on!)

I do not have many accessories with gold hardware (apart from my love bangle that I have had for years)
but my vintage Kelly Bag has gold h/w so how nice will they be together!

awww - Matching Kelly Clasps!!!

Jools Logic is completely in action today!

A few of you lovely girls loved the red seam waist dress that I wore last weekend
and asked if it was available in other colours .....

Well Topshop released it in classic black today - which is going to make it one
fabulously versatile dress.

I love the fit and I have a couple of parties (including a Hen!) coming up where this
will work perfectly - making this little black dress a total no-brainer
(not to mention a great price!!)

Topshop Black Seam Waist Cocktail Dress £50

(this was the red version - worn last week)

Dress in black is available online at Topshop HERE!!!

BUT ...... !!!!

Does the fact that I have found such a reasonably priced dress mean
that I can have these to go with it??

Christian Louboutin Viva Bella Suede Platforms £610

oooh Yes or No???

Answers on a postcard please - or via the comments section!!
what do you think!
(PC, you don't need to comment ......!)

Thanks for reading x


silkpathdiary said...

Oooh YES, YES & YES to the Louboutins - they have the most gorgeous vintage look! Love the Double Tours - I'm the opposite - trying to get more silvertone jewels as I have too much goldtone :-)

Anonymous said...

Your logic is undeniable, it just doesn't seem right to me somehow :-) PC

Jools said...

heeheee thanks CC, so thats 3 Yes's right there then!!! Isnt it funny how even our jewellery preferences change with time! :)

I love those shoes so much!

Jools said...

oh honey ............ its so right, that its errr right ;)

siobhan harley said...

I actually think i look forward to your postman arriving more than you do! Love everything!

Where do you buy your Chanel bags from? Im hoping for Santa to make a nice delivery ;))

Looking Fab in your forties said...

Great shoes and I am really tempted by the jumper now I have seen it on you as I don't like heavy weight knitwear and love stripes even if my belly doesn't!

Jools said...

aww thanks S, yes, I LOVE the postman knocking even more than our dog loves it!!!

I have picked up Chanel pieces before from Ebay (vintage), contacts I have picked up, Purse Forum Members that i know, boutiques - or if husband flies from Terminal 3 (I love that - duty free) - I have been reducing my Chanel bags recently to get into Hermes!!

Jools said...

it was such a great deal wasnt it S, thanks honey :)

I want those shoes so much I could eat my own arm :D !!! x

siobhan harley said...

Thanks, I will check out ebay vintage ! And yes i have noticed the love of Hermes, and i cant say i blame you, the recent additions are stunning ;)

Michelle said...

YES YES YES!!!! Great choices Jools, love them all. PS that Hermes and Cartier are TDF!!!

Jools said...

YAY!!!! thanks for the enabling babe! So glad you love the new bangle - I finally have something else gold to go with the cartier!!! :)

ratters said...

Just finding my way of posting comments (sorry if I'm doing something wrong)... have to say Big Congrats for Kelly double tour with ghw, perfect match with your Love and the Kelly of course! H & C are just like royal wedding iykwim.

As I mentioned elsewhere, H is the deep dead end, nothing beyond this point - we all just dig deep with CL heels lol... so you have to get those heels, it's obviously custom made for you!


Jools said...

aww rats, I love that you are reading in your lunch hour :) Have you used the Birkin yet!!!? I am seriously wondering if I could get away with a 40cm now!! it looks so amazing on you.

I really want those heels - I would put them on my Christmas list BUT I want them for pre christmas parties !!!!