Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Wednesday brings a beautiful new Mulberry Arrival !!

Hi Lovelies,

I have spent the day with my Mum, so latte's and croissants and gossip and a baileys have been consumed! Happy Days.

So,  as she has now gone home, without beating about the bush any longer - my Mulberry bag is here and I completely adore it!

I am so glad that I returned the smaller sized Lily version and waited for this bigger one to go on sale - I know I will get so much more use from this size and because of the vibrant orange I can use it now, but can also already picture it with lovely white, nude and blush coloured outfits in the summer months!

Hmmm, it would also work with those glorious black and white pieces from yesterdays blog (oh dear!!)

Mulberry Exotic Tweed Medium Cecily Bag

I love peeling off the protective cover - true confirmation that she is a keeper!
The beautiful gold hardware compliments the orange

The inside lining and flap is suede

Jennifer Lawrence has also been rocking hers!

A few beautiful coloured items have just come in as a teaser to Spring/Summer!
oh how I wish it would hurry up (I suspect we have a very cold snap to get through first!)
These pieces are absolutely gorgeous

This coat is stunning - a Drop Waist Style
Miu Miu Gaberdine Coat for Spring / Summer 2013
Just in today at Net-a-Porter £1240

how good would it be, worn with this (and then we could clash the shoes in an unexpected colour
like red or green)
I am unashamedly showing LOADS of piccies - as it is glorious!

a lovely modelling picture here so that you can see that it is in fact, a cute mini sized bag
from the pictures above you would think it a large tote .......

Balenciaga Papier Mini Tote Bag £695 available at Browns

and since, this is a dream outfit
underneath the coat, I would of course be wearing this!

Lace and Mesh Floral Dress - Valentino £3890
yes sadly, you did read the price correctly the first time!

Perhaps we could all buy a lottery ticket this week ............. !

Thanks for reading
I hope you enjoyed the pictures


Anonymous said...

Oh no so sad it is small. I wanted it when I thought it was a big tote! It ticked all my boxes :(

Michelle said...

Love the bag and yes lets buy a Lotto ticket, so we can both buy that Valentino dress! J'Adore it. Morning Jools

Urban Butterfly said...

Oh yes now were're talking : ) I'ts a beauty, Mulberry & tweed, you can't go wrong x

Jools said...

Hi Anon!! Well that one is classed as the Mini Papier, so perhaps this colour will be released in the regular papier tote and will work perfectly for you :)

Jools said...

Thanks M, I will buy a lucky dip , and will buy us one each if we win !! :)

Jools said...

Knew you would love this one babe !! :) xxx

Elle's Parisian Chic Blog... said...

Gorgeous enjoy! Elle x

Anonymous said...

Hi J, Tweed M looks perfect on you! So glad it's a winner... :D

OMG I love that little Papier - used to have big one... now can it be replacement of Mini pom ???

Have to check Mount street this Saturday!

Very bad influence to my bank account, this blog is, lol

Jools said...

That little Papier is incredible - I can see all you girls cooing over them on Saturday!! I expect a full report on how adorable it is in real life, as soon as possible !!! :) xx

ASH said...

Enjoy the fab new bag sweetie :-) x