Monday, 28 January 2013

An massive valentine hint- ooops I mean blog ......... silly me!

Hello lovelies,

Today has been a horrible wash-out, it did not stop raining all day. This meant I had no excuses not to do the dreaded chores. They were made bearable by promising my hands a manicure tomorrow - hey, whatever gets you through!

The Mulberry Valentine Alexa that I have been heavily hinting, sorry blogging about is now in stock for all the lucky ladies that are getting an amazing Valentine gift from their partners - or who love themselves enough to know they deserve this beauty.

I really hope I get to see it in real life on Wednesday, as I am hoping it is a true lipstick red. Now that it is stock, there are lots more pictures of it - but the nicest touch by far is that it has heart studs on the straps instead of the usual round ones - such a lovely detail and made me swoon!! This is the bag that is going to stop my search for the perfect red bag - I can just feel it !!!!! (and PC, it is MUCH cheaper than a Chanel Red .............. )

How freaking cute is that!!!!!

 I wear a lot of black and grey - this would just give such a pop of colour

On Wednesday I am going to the Valentino Exhibition at Somerset House in London with some of my lovely fashion friends - I am so looking forward to seeing all of the beautiful outfits AND spending the day with my girls!

Here are just a few of the amazing gowns that are on display

If you are a fan of fashion, red carpet gowns, or exquisite design
this exhibition really is a must-see - I cannot wait!

Back in the real world and it was a casual day today
thanks to the weather.

But I did wear my heart on my sleeve (I must have subconsciously known that the bag would be released today!) Jools Wore

This jumper is adorable. It is so soft and easy to wear, and the heart detailing on the
sleeve stole my heart too (pardon the pun!)

I added a pearl and crystal collar with it today

Grey Heart Elbow Jumper - ASOS £22

The link for this little jumper is HERE!!

and how gloriously kitsch is this Karl Lagerfeld key fob!

 Karl Keyring - new in at Net-a-Porter £119

Thanks for reading xx

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Michelle said...

Oh poor PC....but you are right it is heaps cheaper than a red Chanel! Have fun with the gals and Msr V. PS I love the Karl key ring.