Thursday, 14 February 2013

A beautiful Valentines Day .............

Hi Lovelies,

Happy Valentines Day (I know you are probably sick of hearing those words by now, but I do mean it)

I still do not think that a single day should be assigned to show love - surely we should show it every single day! But when the chance of being spoilt comes along - who am I to stop it heheheeeee, that would just be rude!

Today has been lovely (made even lovelier because I know my girl will be home tomorrow) but it did not go quite as planned!

As a surprise, I had booked a valentines lunch for us at a Country Hotel not far from home, I have wanted to go since it opened last year so this was a great excuse. I booked it ages ago and this morning,  as I was checking the details I happened to glance at it properly for the first time!

At the time of booking they had not confirmed what the menu would be. Well it looked gorgeous - BUT it was an 8 course tasting menu full of different fish dishes (not my favourite) and there were no alternative menu's as it was a Valentine special. I would have loved to try it in the evening but it was waaaaay to heavy for lunchtime!

When I casually mentioned to PC that perhaps we could do something more chilled out instead he couldn't have whipped his shirt off quicker (no, dirty minds, not in that way!) and we had a lovely relaxed lunch instead with some Bellini's! Not what we planned - but blissful and it was lot's of fun.

I got some beautiful gifts too!

I was in love with the Valentine Pieces that Mulberry have released.
The heart detailing and the bright red is so cute .........

Mulberry Bayswater Valentine Clutch - just beautiful (Thank you PC)
(and it fits more in than the Chanel Wallet on Chain)

the attention to detail even on the back is just too cute!

modelled as a clutch purse

oooh .......... and the matching coin purse

it fits perfectly inside!

The chain is long enough that you can wear it cross body

and you can also remove the chain completely and use it as a wallet

and tonight we have eaten these babies with cups of tea!

I hope you have had a lovely day too

Lots of Love xxxx

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Style At Every Age said...

h honey that bag and purse are totally gorgeous, lucky lady xx