Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Wardrobe Editing and musing !!!

Hi Lovelies,

Aww the sun has decided to visit us, and even though it is still so cold out, it feels sooooo good and the sunglasses are now taking up permanent residency in my handbag.

Easter was lovely - there is nothing to not like about time with the family AND an abundance of chocolate!

I was very productive this weekend and had a big shoe edit. I have put LOTS of shoes that have never been worn, or that have been worn once and never played with again on Ebay - it is criminal how many pairs of shoes you can forget about (please tell me it is not just me!). I feel all righteous now though that lots of shoes will be going to have a life where they might get worn, and I was very strict with myself - if I haven't worn them by now then I am not going to, so they have to go.

I am slowly, but firmly getting on board the less-is-more fashion train. Surely it is better to have some quality, easy to find in the wardrobe pieces that are classic and can be worn time and time again, as opposed to buying lots of cheaper items (especially shoes) that give us a thrill - but only for the briefest of times, and then make our closets so full that we completely forget what we actually have?

Hmm, I am sounding scarily grown up tonight!

I popped into John Lewis today as Elli needed a new sewing machine for her textiles projects. JL is not a favourite store of mine, but while we were there I checked out the Alice Temperley Somerset collection in person. There are some seriously pretty pieces. These two were my favourites

White Mesh Embroidered Blouse £99

Broiderie Anglais Black Shorts £69

and this dress from Whistles is just the most beautiful
shade of Cobalt Blue

Whistles Bella Dress £135

Thanks for reading x



Ah you are so right, it just feels so good when you have your wardrobe sorted with clothes that you know, you are going to wear over and over again! But we have all been there, bought the bargain's that we wear once...and they never see the light of day again!! Sounds like you have got it sorted, and had a good shopping day!! xx

Jools Cockayne said...

Thanks honey. I didnt buy any of the pieces today - just saw them and loved them - if I keep thinking about them, then I am supposed to get them hehehee!! :)

Style At Every Age said...

I try so hard to do this but it rarely works out although feeling good that I bought a mac and white shirt last week - both were long overdue and will serve me well.