Thursday, 16 May 2013

Canne Fashion and Topshop Limited Edition Dresses ..........

Hi Lovelies,

Carey Mulligan looked adorable in Blush Satin Dior last night at Cannes. I cannot wait to see the Movie - Elli went this evening (she has a Classics exam on The Great Gatsby tomorrow) which was most fortuitous, as she classed it as revision.

In typical teenager fashion, she said - I do not get the Leonardo Dicaprio thing - he is really old ............... oh my goodness!

The err "ancient" Leo!

Isla Fisher chose to wear red Oscar de la Renta

Nicole Kidman also wore Dior

and it is reassuring to know that even A listers with access to the worlds best stylists
sometimes have a little faux pas!

Cue Julianne Moore

these sandals certainly are not going to win anything for best supporting!!!!

At Topshop, their summer limited edition dresses came into store (and online) today.
Below are my favourites

Limited Edition Range Organza Embroidered Dress £180

Chiffon Bodice Skater Dress £120

Pleated and Crochet Dress £140

Organza Applique Shift Dress £180

Which one is your favourite?

Thanks for reading xx


Urban Butterfly said...

Love, love love the chiffon and crochet dresses. Such femininity on the highstreet at the moment, fills my heart with joy :)

Jools Cockayne said...

Me too, I want it !!! ;) x