Sunday, 28 July 2013

Shake Shake, Shake Shake a Shake Shack ........

Hi Lovelies,

Sometimes you need to be a little bit naughty. And today, gloriously was one of those days.

Shake Shack is a burger joint that is huge in America and at the beginning of July they opened their first London store - right in the heart of Covent Garden.

I was very excited to try it, but because it is very new - the waiting line and queues have been crazy busy for the past 3 weeks.

Well we decided to brave it and we just timed it perfectly - hardly any wait - you place your order, and then you get given a little vibrating pager

then you find a seat (there are lots of seating areas all around the square - inside and outside - and wait for your beeper to go off! Easy Peasy - the wait altogether was just under 10 minutes. Perfect.

and it was lovely for us all to wander around Covent Garden for the afternoon in the sunshine.

Today, Jools Wore

A Topshop Floral Silk Tea Dress

with my Prada Baroque Sunglasses

and Mint Mulberry Cecily

So it was a pretty lovely chilled Sunday for us.

I hope you have had a fun weekend - what have you been up to?

Thanks for reading x

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