Friday, 30 August 2013

Lusting after the H&M for Autumn / Winter 2013 Braid Jacket

Hi Gorgeous ones,

It is risky to want one piece so much from a collection. It often means that everybody else is after it too!  And that makes it harder to find. (This is when my lovely friends Dee & Nadia come in as they alway's find the hard to source pieces!)

When H&M showed their H&M for Autumn/Winter 2013 collection in Paris way back in February it was a very well received. They kept the colour palette very neutral - loads of black, cream and some shimmering gold blush pieces - always a wise move, as each piece looks more expensive!

But for me, there was only ONE jacket that I HAVE to own

H&M Braided Velvet Jacket

I must have it!!!

Sienna Miller has already been photographed in the baker boy cap

The flared Skirt is also awesome - the detailing is immense - the price point being around the £150 I doubt will put anybody off. It is very Alaia !

I purchased this pair of Current Elliott Tuxedo Jeans recently
So you can see why I need the jacket to work with them - right!

So I need you to work with me my lovely readers, and any sightings or confirmed
date of release for this gorgeous jacket - please can you let me know.

Thanks so much for reading
Its so great to be back xx


Style At Every Age said...

It's gorgeous hun, hope you get it and good to have you back x

Jools Cockayne said...

Thank you darling - I hope so too xxxx