Wednesday, 2 October 2013

More red reveals

Hi Lovelies,

Thank you so much for the lovely welcome back yesterday - you made me feel all warm and glowy inside - like having my own personal Ready Brek .........

Well, a couple more little reveals and a lust worthy piece that has caught my eye are in today's blog.

I purchased this gorgeous Mulberry Wallet to go with the new Hermes bag - the colour match is so good that they were surely made to be together!!!

Mulberry Red Goatskin Bow Wallet - A/W 2013

How pretty they are together!!!

all snug inside .........

It is the nicest red in my opinion that Mulberry have ever made

and oh dear, look at the accessory that matches ........ Sigh

and the gorgeous mild weather have meant that it is still a little two warm for boots

So I have ordered these little cuties

Shellys London Klimsa Checkboard T Bar Shoes £80

and the item I am most lusting after at the moment is this absolute beauty
I adore EVERYTHING about it

Royal Blue Velvet Clutch - mcQ Alexander McQueen - £230

(an incredible price for a designer bag which is a good size)

It is at the very top of my wish list .......... 

Thanks for reading xx


Lisa Groundwater said...

Hi! I love your blog! Gives me a lot of inspiration for my own purchases! I've just moved to Australia with my husband and baby boy and love to keep track of the UK fashion scene! What is your ebay name?!!! Just so I know to look when you are selling off items! Thanks! Lisa x

Style At Every Age said...

That purse is so cute as is the cuff - it must be yours very soon! x

Jools Cockayne said...

Thank you darlings :) Sharron, Im already on it ;) !!!!!! xxx

schoolgatestyle said...

STUNNING! I have such bag and wallet envy right now. Enjoy using them both - SO beautiful x