Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Welcoming October ..........

Hi Lovelies,

My blogging Mojo is returning I promise - it is hard when you have had some time off, but at least it means I have lot's to tell you about.

The biggest and most exciting thing to happen was my new car.

The most perfect car in the whole world.................

Mouse the little Gucci Fiat 500 went to live with a really nice family that absolutely loved her and travelled all the way from Yorkshire to collect her - which meant the search for my new car could begin. 

I knew I wanted to go for a new Mercedes, but I also knew that it would mean an edit of my wardrobe to help pay for him (completely proving my theory that money hanging in your closet can be the best investment ever - and sooooo much more fun than a bank!)

You would honestly have been so proud of me at how brutal and cold I was!

Some bags that I have not been using were listed and sold, as were some designer dresses that shamefully still had tags on - and I didn't encounter any real idiots on ebay either which was a first!

The only item I found really hard to let go of was a special Vuitton Sprouse Scarf - but it went to somebody lovely who I know, so it did make it easier - that really was the only wobble I had during the whole process - and the end result was worth it as it made me feel less guilty about owning something so bloody amazing! I honestly still cannot believe it's mine - and I appreciate it absolutely!

So, we found 'THE" car in the Mercedes Dealership in Cardiff, so on Friday, PC and I took the train to go bring him home. Bearing in mind where he came from - there was really only one name for him! ...........

So let me formally introduce you to Bryn Diesel !!!

and with roof down .........

and you know when sometimes two majorly amazing things happen in a short space of time? Well the week before we picked up Bryn I got the Hermes Evelyne (some of you may have seen my pictures on Instagram) I adore this bag - its just fantastic leather, but unlike so many Hermes bags - you can actually use it without worrying too much.

It is just the most beautiful bag and it is really useful (especially as I edited my bags)

Hermes Evelyne in Rouge Casaque

and a perfect match for my Kelly bracelet

So it has been a pretty epic few weeks Chez Jools 
and now that everything is calm and October is here, expect more fashion blogging!

Thanks for reading xxx


Style At Every Age said...

Love the car and the bag! What a great size that Hermes is and a gorgeous colour too! xx

Urban Butterfly said...

Welocme back! Me breaks at work are once again enriched. Well done, just shows we can have a clear out if really needed!

Jools Cockayne said...

Thanks so much S, I know - I actually now own a practical bag heheheeee!!!

Jools Cockayne said...

I know, and it was an awful lot easier than I ever dreamt it could be! Was worth it too for the end result :) xx

Michelle said...

Bryn is gorgeous as is the delish Hermes bag. I so want one now too! It looks fab on you. Great to see you back blogging Jools! M xox