Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Some Tuesday Homages - which would you choose!

Hi Lovelies,

Hope you are having a fabulous week so far.

I am trying the Harcombe Plan for a bit of a detox - it is safe to say that I felt absolutely dreadful last night.
Owww, the headache from coming off of caffeine is ferocious. It is actually quite scary how bad our reactions can be to withdrawing from something. I am now only allowed caffeine-free tea & coffee (without milk - so that's not happening!) and herbal teas - and they are just disgusting to be honest. Oh well, lets hope today is slightly better! I like the principals of the book - I just don't like the no caffeine thing.

So I am trying to escape the feeling of being so dizzy that I am on a boat by showing you some fab fashion pieces.

I adore this Zara Skit - it is almost identical to the Celine A/W version.

Zara High Waist Skirt £39.99

The Celine version is gorgeous but over £950!

You may recall Victoria Beckham wearing her lingerie Louis Vuitton Dress to Wimbledon?

and Le Moss!

Well Zara this week have bought out a fabulous homage

Lingerie Style Studio Dress - Zara £109

for anybody who is not sick of the Burberry Heart Shirt Print yet!

Topshop have released a red version ......

Heart Print Shirt - Topshop £38

and you could buy this gorgeous dress from Mulberry A/W 2013

Structured Wool Blend Dress - Mulberry £895

or you could buy this cutie

Kimono Jaquard Dress - ASOS £55

and scouring ASOS - this blouse is adorable

Panel Detail Top with Pleat Drape Back - ASOS £36

and if you don't have dog paws or sticky hands to worry about
this coat is stunning

Vintage Style Cocoon Coat - ASOS £110

Thanks for reading xx

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